6A-10. Miscellaneous  

6A-10.006. Rules and Procedures for Cabinet Review and Approval of Appointees to Membership on the Board of Regents (Repealed)
6A-10.007. Rules and Procedures for State Board of Education Review and Approval of Appointees to Membership on a Community College Board of Trustees (Repealed)
6A-10.015. Appointment of Committees
6A-10.019. Required Annual Calendar for Schools and Colleges
6A-10.023. Procedures for Contracting for Professional Services
6A-10.024. Articulation Between and Among Universities, Florida Colleges, and School Districts
6A-10.030. Other Assessment Procedures for College-Level Communication and Computation Skills
6A-10.032. Postsecondary Education Contract Programs and Facilities
6A-10.033. Postsecondary Instructional Unit Definitions (Repealed)
6A-10.038. Postsecondary Feedback of Student Information to High Schools
6A-10.040. Basic Skills Requirements for Postsecondary Career and Technical Certificate Education
6A-10.041. Substitution for Requirements for Eligible Disabled Students at Florida Colleges and Postsecondary Career Centers
6A-10.042. Test Administration and Security
6A-10.043. Nonpublic College Participation in the Statewide Course Numbering System
6A-10.044. Residency for Tuition Purposes
6A-10.045. Tuition and Fees Exemptions for Florida National Guard (Repealed)
6A-10.050. The Recovery Network Program (Repealed)
6A-10.051. Approval of Treatment Providers by the Recovery Network Program
6A-10.052. Participation in the Recovery Network Program
6A-10.053. Evaluating and Treating Program Participants
6A-10.060. The Dale Hickam Excellent Teaching Program
6A-10.070. Discounted Computers and Internet Access for Students
6A-10.080. Code of Ethics of the Education Profession in Florida (Repealed)
6A-10.081. Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida
6A-10.082. Mandatory Reporting of Offenses Affecting the Health, Safety or Welfare of Florida Students
6A-10.083. Standards Relating to Gross Immorality and Acts of Moral Turpitude
6A-10.090. General (Repealed)
6A-10.091. Definitions (Repealed)
6A-10.092. Administrative and Supervisory Requirements (Repealed)
6A-10.093. Analysis of Individual Needs and Individual Potential (Repealed)
6A-10.094. Instructional Procedures (Repealed)
6A-10.095. Communication Skills (Repealed)
6A-10.096. Management Techniques (Repealed)
6A-10.097. Competence in Specialization (Repealed)
6A-10.098. Evaluation of Learning and Goal Achievement (Repealed)
6A-10.099. Human and Interpersonal Relationships (Repealed)
6A-10.0242. Procedures for Determining the Level at Which Courses Shall be Classified
6A-10.0311. Assessment of Student Attainment of College-Level Communication and Computation Skills (Repealed)
6A-10.0312. Minimum Standards of College-Level Communication and Computation Skills (Repealed)
6A-10.0314. Applications of College-Level Communication and Computation Skills in State Universities and Community Colleges (Repealed)
6A-10.0315. Common Placement Testing and Instruction
6A-10.0316. College-Level Communication and Computation Skills Effective August 1, 1992
6A-10.0317. Participation in the College-Level Communication and Computation Skills Testing Program by Nonpublic Postsecondary Institutions (Repealed)
6A-10.0318. Postsecondary Preparatory Instruction Curriculum and Postsecondary Readiness Competencies
6A-10.0319. Developmental Education Competencies
6A-10.0331. Deletion of Courses from Catalogs and Statewide Course Numbering System
6A-10.0341. Career Education Student Follow-Up Requirements
6A-10.0342. Career and Technical Education Program Performance Reporting
6A-10.0371. Model Noninstructional Adult Literacy Centers (Repealed)
6A-10.0381. Registration of Adult Education Students and Enrollment Reporting for Adult General Education Students
6A-10.0401. Gold Standard Career Pathways Articulation Agreements
6A-10.0991. Personal Requirements (Repealed)
6A-10.02412. Foreign Language Competence and Equivalence
6A-10.02413. Civic Literacy Competency