6A-10.02412. Foreign Language Competence and Equivalence  

Effective on Wednesday, June 25, 2014
  • 1The provisions herein shall be used by Florida College System institutions to determine equivalency, pursuant to Section 181007.262, F.S., 20between two (2) credits in one (1) foreign language at the secondary level and the equivalent at the postsecondary level.

    40(1) The competence to be demonstrated by students upon successful completion of two (2) credits of secondary instruction in one (1) foreign language is:

    64(a) Modern languages.

    671. The ability to understand, with some repetition, simple questions and statements.

    792. The ability to read and understand the information presented in a simple paragraph.

    933. The ability to pronounce the language well enough to be intelligible to native speakers.

    1084. The ability to ask and answer questions and maintain a simple conversation in areas of immediate need on very familiar topics.

    1305. The ability to deal with everyday situations such as greetings, leave-takings, buying food, and asking directions.

    1476. The ability to write a short paragraph on a familiar topic.

    1597. The ability to demonstrate limited social competence in the foreign culture by showing comprehension of common rules of etiquette, customs and sensitivities, and a knowledge of contributions to the arts and humanities by the people who speak the target language.

    200(b) Classical languages.

    2031. The ability to read and understand materials ranging from low to medium levels of difficulty; that is, adapted text.

    2232. The ability to give a reasonably accurate account of the contents of the reading material by answering questions, paraphrasing, translating, or summarizing.

    2463. The ability to demonstrate knowledge of history, culture, and contributions to the arts and humanities of ancient civilizations.

    265(2) Completion of a postsecondary course at the elementary 2 level in one (1) foreign language or American Sign Language (ASL) shall be considered to produce the competence specified in subsection (1) herein.

    298(3) Students may demonstrate completion of the competencies specified in subsection (1) herein by other means as determined by the Florida College System institution.

    322Rulemaking Authority 3241001.02(1), 3251007.262 FS. 327Law Implemented 3291001.02, 3301007.262 FS. 332History–New 2-23-88, Amended 10-17-89, 11-13-90, 10-4-93, 11-21-05, 6-25-14.


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