6A-10.052. Participation in the Recovery Network Program  

Effective on Tuesday, June 20, 2017
  • 1(1) A participant enrolled in the Recovery Network Program shall:

    11(a) Execute a “Recovery Network Program Intake and Limited Waiver of Confidentiality Form (Form #RNP-1),” (28http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-0826030), effective June 2017, and hereby adopted and incorporated by reference, allowing the Recovery Network Program to discuss the participant’s requirements for and participation in the program with the treatment provider and the participant’s current employer. The incorporated form is available from the Recovery Network Program, 325 West Gaines Street, Ste. 224, Tallahassee, Florida, 32399;

    85(b) Execute a contract, Form #RNP-2, as adopted by Rule 956A-10.053, 96F.A.C., with the treatment provider(s) and the Recovery Network Program;

    106(c) Follow a treatment plan developed by the treatment provider;

    116(d) Authorize monitoring of the treatment plan by the Recovery Network Program;

    128(e) Participate in the Recovery Network Program until discharged from treatment by the treatment provider in consultation with the Recovery Network Program;

    150(f) Authorize the Recovery Network Program’s notification of the participant’s employer 161upon notification from the treatment provider that the participant is unable to perform his or her professional duties;

    179(g) Notify the Recovery Network Program of any change in employment or the participant’s contact information within forty-eight hours of the change; and,

    202(h) Provide progress reports received from the treatment provider to the Recovery Network Program within one (1) week of receipt.

    222(2) Participation in a treatment program is progress driven, and therefore, the participant is required to make satisfactory progress in the treatment program as determined by the Recovery Network Program. The Recovery Network Program shall use the following factors to evaluate the participant’s progress:

    266(a) Attendance at scheduled appointments as documented by the treatment provider;

    277(b) Meeting of treatment goals as prescribed in the original or amended treatment plan accepted by the Recovery Network Program;

    297(c) Results of substance abuse screenings. Positive screenings which are the result of the use of a documented prescription or other substance administered based on a physician’s orders will be considered a negative screening;

    331(d) Maintenance of contact with and responses to correspondence from the Recovery Network Program;

    345(e) Submittal to periodic and random blood, hair, or urine screening on the day selected as directed by the Recovery Network Program, the treatment provider(s), or the employer. The educator must bear the cost for all screenings;

    382(f) Whether participant has proven to be incompetent as provided by Section 3941012.795(1)(c), F.S.;

    396(g) Endangerment of the health, safety, or welfare of students, colleagues, or the general public; and,

    412(h) Remaining 414free from substances with dependence liability except when such substances are prescribed by the participant’s physician.

    430Rulemaking Authority 4321001.02(1), 4331012.798(12) FS. 435Law Implemented 4371012.798 FS. 439History–New 1-2-95, Amended 6-20-17.