6A-14. Community Colleges  

6A-14.002. Definitions
6A-14.024. Composition of Boards of Trustees
6A-14.026. Employment of a President
6A-14.029. Staff and Program Development
6A-14.030. Postsecondary Instructional Unit Definitions and Awards in Florida College System Institutions
6A-14.031. Acceleration Mechanisms for Program Completion (Repealed)
6A-14.041. Personnel Contracts
6A-14.047. Personnel Records
6A-14.054. Student Fees
6A-14.057. Student Activities
6A-14.058. Athletics
6A-14.060. Accountability Standards
6A-14.0061. Campus, Center, Special Purpose Center and Instructional Site Designations
6A-14.063. Accreditation (Repealed)
6A-14.064. College Credit Dual Enrollment
6A-14.065. Meta-Major Academic Pathways
6A-14.072. Financial Records and Reports
6A-14.075. Receipt, Deposit, and Withdrawal of Funds
6A-14.076. FTE Calculation for the Community College Program Fund
6A-14.077. Auxiliary Services and Enterprises and Undesignated Gifts
6A-14.092. Textbook Affordability
6A-14.095. Site Determined Baccalaureate Access
6A-14.099. Failure of Florida College System Administrator or Law Enforcement Agency to Report Child Abuse, Abandonment or Neglect
6A-14.0261. General Powers of the President (Repealed)
6A-14.0301. Withdrawal and Forgiveness
6A-14.0302. Military Service
6A-14.0303. General Education Core Course Options
6A-14.0304. Online Courses
6A-14.0305. Out-of-State Fee Waiver for Veterans and Other Eligible Students
6A-14.0411. Employment Contracts for Full-Time Faculty
6A-14.0432. Military Leave (Repealed)
6A-14.0491. Instructional Personnel - Availability to Students
6A-14.0541. Student Fee Refunds
6A-14.0542. Tuition Waiver for Classroom Teachers
6A-14.0571. Religious Observance by Students (Repealed)
6A-14.0715. Transfer of Funds
6A-14.0716. Community College Budgets
6A-14.0734. Procurement Requirements
6A-14.0764. Capital Outlay and Debt Service
6A-14.0765. Investment of Funds
6A-14.0914. Dr. Philip Benjamin Matching Program for Community Colleges
6A-14.07621. Performance-Based Incentive Program