6A-14.054. Student Fees  

Effective on Thursday, June 23, 2016
  • 1Each board of trustees shall establish, publish, collect, and budget student fees, and shall establish dates for paying fees. The dates shall be no later than the last day of the drop and add periods established by the boards.

    40(1) The percentage of the cost of education to be paid by students shall be computed annually from the Florida College System Program Fund by the Division of Florida Colleges, on behalf of the State Board of Education, for three (3) categories of instructional classifications: advanced and professional, postsecondary vocational, and college preparatory. The cost of each category shall be calculated by applying the percentage factors from the most recent annual cost analysis of the general current fund to the Florida College System Program Fund of the prior year.

    129(2) Tuition fees shall be charged only for instruction provided by the college. Tuition fees shall not be charged for the assessment of prior learning or the awarding of credit based on prior learning, regardless of whether the prior learning was acquired through instruction provided by the college or through instruction or experience external to the college.

    186(3) Each board of trustees may allow a discount or charge a premium to tuition or out-of-state fees for the purpose of resource management. The resultant tuition and out-of-state fees shall be within the ranges specified in Section 2241009.23(4), F.S.

    226(4) Recreational and leisure time instruction. Each board of trustees shall establish fees for recreational and leisure time instruction which generate annual revenue at least equal to the full cost of such instruction.

    259(5) Audit fees. Students who audit courses shall pay the same fees as required of students enrolled for credit.

    278(6) Each board of trustees shall have the authority to negotiate tuition fees for courses and programs contracted by external agencies and companies which vary from the tuition fee provided for in this rule. Such negotiated fees may exceed the full cost of instruction. The courses and programs of instruction funded from these negotiated fees shall not be reported for state funding purposes.

    341(7) Veterans and other eligible students under Section 3491009.27(2), F.S., 351shall receive, upon request, one (1) deferment per academic year for the payment of registration fees. Upon request, such persons shall receive an additional deferment each time there is a delay in receipt of such benefits. Such deferments shall be for sixty (60) days, except they shall not extend beyond the end of the term.

    406(8) When institutional, state, or federal financial aid other than veterans’ benefits is delayed in being transmitted to students through circumstances beyond their control, registration fees may be deferred up to sixty (60) days, but not beyond the end of the term, unless the institutions, state, or federal rules or regulations require additional time, events, or documentation that cannot be completed within the prescribed sixty (60) day period. Failure to make timely application for such aid shall not be a reason for granting deferral. The deferment shall be in accordance with rules adopted by the board of trustees setting forth the conditions under which the deferment shall be granted. A list of persons for whom fees are deferred and the amount of fees deferred shall be maintained.

    533(9) When Florida Prepaid College Program benefits are delayed in being paid from the program to the Florida College System institution through circumstances beyond the control of the student, registration fees covered by the benefits shall be deferred until the benefits are paid. The Florida College System institution shall notify the Division of Florida Colleges if the benefits are not paid on a timely basis.

    598(10) When the college has a written promise of payment from business, industry, government unit, nonprofit organization, or civic organization, fees may be deferred as determined by the board of trustees.

    629(11) Registration fees are defined as tuition, out-of-state, student financial aid, activity and service, capital improvement, laboratory, and all other fees collected during the registration process.

    655(12) When registration fees are waived by a board of trustees, a list of persons for whom fees are waived, documentation supporting the waivers, and the amount of fees waived shall be maintained.

    688Rulemaking Authority 6901001.02(1), 6911001.64(4)(b), 6921009.23 FS. 694Law Implemented 6961001.02, 6971001.64, 6981009.23, 6991009.27 FS. 701History–New 12-19-74, Formerly 6A-8.611, Amended 4-8-75, 9-8-76, 1-10-77, 12-26-77, 9-6-78, 4-10-79, 7-2-79, 3-30-81, 7-16-81, 11-12-81, 8-16-82, 3-17-83, 12-20-83, 12-19-84, 5-14-85, 9-10-85, Formerly 6A-14.54, Amended 6-1-86, 11-13-86, 11-24-87, 9-14-88, 11-12-90, 7-1-92, 2-18-93, 2-16-94, 3-21-95, 3-20-96, 11-13-96, 7-20-04, 6-23-16.


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