6A-3.006. Pool Purchase Plan for Purchase of Equipment and Contractual Needs; Department of Management Services, Division of Purchasing Authorized to Negotiate Contracts  

Effective on Tuesday, April 25, 2017
  • 1(1) The Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Operations or designee is authorized and directed to coordinate volume purchasing of transportation equipment as provided by Section 261006.27, F.S. 28This purchasing plan shall include conducting and administering bids for new school buses, coordinating purchasing of drug and alcohol testing services, and purchasing of other commodities and services as needed. The Department may award bids as either low bid awards or as multiple supplier awards. Special equipment not included in the bid specifications but approved by the Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Operations shall be listed and priced separately.

    97(2) Each dealer submitting bids under a pool plan shall enclose a certified check, bank money order, cashier’s check, or performance bond as a good faith deposit in an amount in keeping with the minimum order, drawn in favor of the State of Florida and the purchasing school districts. The good faith deposit of the successful bidder shall be held until the terms of the purchase contract have been met. The good faith deposit shall be forfeited in full or in part if the contract is not fulfilled, provided that the State Board shall have the right to grant an extension of time if the reason for not meeting the terms of the contract is beyond the control of the successful bidder and to alter the terms of the contract before the deposit is forfeited and deposited as required by law.

    238(3) The period covered by the contract or contracts shall be for such duration and may be renewable as may be determined by the Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Operations as is consistent with needs, availability of materials, and production schedules, and shall provide that the equipment shall be made available to school boards and state agencies in compliance with the provisions of Section 3021006.27 303and Chapter 287, F.S.

    307(4) Each participating district and other authorized purchasers shall issue a purchase order or orders for the equipment as a commitment to purchase, provided the quantity of such orders may be increased.

    339(5) A contract for the purchase of school bus chassis, bodies, or equipment may be made upon the basis of bids received by the school board when the price quoted does not exceed the comparable ceiling price established by the most recent state volume purchasing plan or bids accepted by the Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Operations. In any case, where there is question as to whether ceiling prices are exceeded, the bids shall be forwarded to the Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Operations for review and approval before awarding a contract. In all such cases, the Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Operations, before approval is given, shall review bids and specifications to determine if laws and rules have been complied with.

    461(6) The Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Operations, upon approval of the Office of Planning and Budgeting in the Executive Office of the Governor, may serve as agent in clearance of volume purchases in the event companies submitting successful bids will not accept purchase orders and warrants for payment of invoices issued by school boards.

    516Rulemaking Authority 5181001.02(1), 5191002.42(15)(f), 5201006.27 FS. 522Law Implemented 5241002.42, 5251006.27, 5261010.04(1) FS. 528History–New 3-26-66, Repromulgated 12-5-74, Amended 7-10-85, Formerly 6A-3.06, Amended 8-19-86, 11-15-94, 4-18-96, 11-26-06, 4-25-17.


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