6A-3.0121. Responsibility of School District and Parents or Guardians for Students Who Are Transported at Public Expense  

Effective on Tuesday, August 20, 2019
  • 1(1) The school district shall determine safety measures to be used in the transportation of students, such as the designation of routes, bus turning areas, student stop locations, and the method of securement or positioning of students with special needs.

    41(2) The school district shall exercise additional specific powers and responsibilities as follows:

    54(a) The district shall provide bus operators and attendants instructions, in writing, as to any special conditions or non-medical care which a student may need while on the bus.

    83(b) The district shall instruct bus operators, and attendants if used, in their responsibilities for students who are transported at public expense as follows:

    1071. The operator or attendant of a bus transporting students shall remain with the bus so that students aboard will be under supervision at all times, except to call for assistance in case of an emergency or accident involving the students or bus.

    1502. In cases where a student with physical disabilities is unable to leave the area of a student stop without assistance, the school bus operator shall not assume responsibility for such assistance except in an emergency which threatens the safety of such student or students.

    1953. The operator and attendant shall be provided certified cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training along with other required pre-service training prior to transporting students, and shall receive CPR and first aid refresher in-service training at least biennially; however, the operator and attendant shall not give medicine and shall limit his or her assistance to that which may normally be expected of a reasonable, prudent person or as specified in the student’s Individual Educational Plan. All operators and attendants who are employed and transporting students on or before the effective date of this rule must be provided certified CPR and first aid training by November 1, 2020.

    303(c) The district shall inform parents, guardians, and students at least annually in writing of their responsibilities and related district policies as follows:

    3261. To ensure the safe travel of their students during the portions of each trip to and from school and home when the students are not under the custody and control of the school district, including during each trip to and from home and the assigned bus stop when the school district provides bus transportation.

    3812. To ensure that students ride only in their assigned school buses and get off only at assigned bus stops, except when the district has approved alternative buses or arrangements.

    4113. To ensure students are aware of and follow the district’s adopted code of student conduct while the students are at school bus stops and to provide necessary supervision during times when the bus is not present.

    4484. To ensure that, when the physical disability of the student renders the student unable to get on and off the bus without assistance, the parent or guardian provides the necessary assistance to help the student get on and off at the bus stop, as required by district policy or the student’s individual educational plan.

    503(3) Knowledge, skills and abilities related to student management techniques and characteristics of the students shall be considered when selecting or assigning operators and attendants for routes serving students.

    532Rulemaking Authority 5341001.02(1), 5351006.22(13) FS. 537Law Implemented 5391001.42(10), 5401003.31(1)(d), 5411006.10, 5421006.22 FS. 544History–New 3-26-66, Amended 9-17-72, Repromulgated 12-5-74, Formerly 6A-3.121, Amended 11-15-94, 11-26-06, 4-25-17, 8-20-19.