6A-4.006. General and Professional Preparation  

Effective on Thursday, June 23, 2016
  • 1(1) General preparation. A bachelor’s or higher degree from an accredited or approved institution as described in Rule 196A-4.003, 20F.A.C., shall be considered to have met the general preparation course requirements.

    32(2) Professional preparation.

    35(a) For applications received beginning January 1, 2016, professional preparation courses pursuant to Section 491012.56(6)(f), F.S., 51are a minimum of fifteen (15) semester hours with credit in the following professional education areas:

    671. Classroom management with a focus on creating safe learning environments in which effective teaching and learning can take place by promoting a physically, emotionally, socially and academically secure climate for students;

    992. Child and adolescent development including theories and principles of learning;

    1103. Educational assessment practices that include analysis and application of data from statewide standardized assessments and other multiple sources to improve instruction and learning;

    1344. Effective instructional techniques, strategies, and materials to meet the needs of diverse learners, including students with disabilities;

    1525. For certificate subject coverages classified by rule as academic or degreed career and technical, applications of research-based instructional practices in reading; and,

    1756. Instructional strategies for teaching students of limited English proficiency including instruction in the English language and development of the student’s mastery of the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

    208(b) Practical experience in teaching. Practical experience in teaching may be satisfied by one of the following methods:

    2261. One year of full-time teaching experience in an elementary or secondary school as specified in Rule 2436A-4.002, 244F.A.C.; or

    2462. Six semester hours earned in a college student teaching or supervised internship in which the candidate demonstrates his or her ability to positively impact student learning growth with a diverse population of students completed in an elementary or secondary school.

    287(c) The requirements of paragraph (2)(a) of this rule are not applicable and shall not be required for school social worker or speech-language impaired certification.

    312Rulemaking Authority 3141001.02, 3151012.55, 3161012.56 FS. 318Law Implemented 3201012.55, 3211012.56 FS. 323History-New 4-20-64, Amended 4-8-68, 7-7-68, 4-11-69, 6-17-73, Repromulgated 12-5-74, Amended 10-12-76, 7-1-79, 11-5-84, Formerly 6A-4.06, Amended 9-12-89, 5-30-94, 7-17-00, 10-15-01, 7-27-06, 344Joint Administrative Procedures Committee objection resolved by Chapter 86-156, Laws of Florida, Florida Administrative Register Vol. 35, No. 27, July 10, 2009, 366Amended 12-31-14, 6-23-16.


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