6A-4.0085. Provisions for Persons Certified in Administration, Supervision, or Administration and Supervision  

Effective on Tuesday, November 8, 1988
  • 1(1) Individuals with at least one (1) year of successful experience as a Florida elementary or secondary school principal prior to July 1, 1986, shall retain all rights and privileges provided for by Florida certification in administration, supervision, or administration and supervision. All persons in this category who have served successfully for at least one (1) year as a principal and who are recommended for employment as a principal for 1986-87 or thereafter may apply to have school principal certification shown on the individual’s valid professional certificate. District level administrators in this category may apply to have school principal certification if appointed to a principalship. The certificate renewal date shall be within the last validity period of the certificate on which the certification coverage is shown.

    127(2) Teachers, intern assistant principals, assistant principals, other school-based assistants, and district level administrators without principal experience, who hold valid certificates in administration, supervision, or administration and supervision may continue as school-based assistants or under school board procedures be appointed to serve as school-based assistants and in nonschool administrative positions.

    177Rulemaking Authority 1791001.02, 1801012.55, 1811012.56 FS. 183Law Implemented 1851001.02, 1861012.54, 1871012.55, 1881012.56 FS. 190History–New 7-1-86, Formerly 6A-4.085, Amended 7-1-86, 11-8-88.


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