6A-4.01411. Equivalent Credentials for the Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Education Program for School-Year Instructors  

Effective on Tuesday, June 19, 2018
  • 1(1) The 3department 4approves 5the 6following 7educational 8credentials 9for 10VPK 11instructors 12during 13the 14school 15year 16program 17as 18being 19equivalent 20to 21or 22greater 23than 24an 25educational 26credential 27described 28in 29sections 301002.55(4)(a)-31(d), F.S.:

    33(a) 34An associate’s 36deg37ree 38in 39earl 40y 41childhood 42education;

    43(b) A 45bachelor’s 46or 47higher 48degree 49in 50family 51and 52child 53sciences 54and 55at 56least 57480 58hours 59of 60experience 61in 62teaching 63or 64providing 65child 66care 67services 68for 69children 70any 71age 72from 73birth 74through 75eight (778) 78years 79of 80age;

    81(c) A 83bachelor’s 84or 85higher 86degree 87in:

    881. Exceptional 90student 91education or special 94education;

    952. Mental 97disabilities, mentally handicapped or mentally impaired;

    1033. Specific 105learning 106disabilities;

    1074. Physically 109impaired;

    1105. Varying 112exceptionalities;

    1136. Emotional 115disabilities;

    1167. Deaf or hard of hearing or hearing 124impaired; 125or,

    1268. Speech-language 128pathology, speech-language impaired or speech correction.

    134(d) A 136valid 137Temporary 138or 139Professional 140Florida 141Educator’s 142Certificate 143in 144the 145area 146of147:

    1481. Prekindergarten/primary 150education 151(age 152three 153through 154grade 155three);

    1562. Preschool 158education 159(birth 160through 161age 162four);

    1633. Elementary education (grades 1-6) or (Kindergarten through grade 6);

    1734. Early childhood education (nursery through kindergarten);

    1805. Primary education (Kindergarten through grade 3);

    1876. Exceptional student education (grades K-12);

    1937. Deaf or hard of hearing or hearing 201impaired (grades K-12);

    2048. Speech-language impaired or speech-language impaired associate (grades K-12);

    2139. Prekindergarten disabilities (endorsement);

    21710. Physically impaired (grades K-12);

    22211. Mentally handicapped (grades K-12);

    22712. Specific learning disabilities (grades K-12);

    23313. Varying exceptionalities (grades K-12); or,

    23914. Emotionally handicapped (grades K-12).

    244(e) A valid license issued by the Florida Department of Health to serve as a:

    2591. Physical therapist or,

    2632. Speech language pathologist.

    267(2) A 269VPK 270instructor 271must 272not 273be 274ineligible for certification under section 2791012.315, F.S., 281or 282ineligible 283to 284teach 285in 286a 287public 288school 289because 290his 291or 292her 293educator certificate 295is 296suspended, 297revoked or otherwise sanctioned by the Education Practices Commission.

    306Rulemaking 307Authority 3081001.02(2)(n), 3091002.55(4)(e) FS. 311Law 312Implemented 3131002.55(4)(e) 314FS. History316317New 3186-19-18.