6A-4.0163. Reading Endorsement Competencies  

Effective on Sunday, December 22, 2019
  • 1(1) The competencies and indicators required for approval of educator preparation programs pursuant to Rule 166A-5.066, 17F.A.C., and for district in-service add-on programs pursuant to Section 271012.575, F.S., 29for certification in the Reading Endorsement, are contained in the publication, Reading Endorsement Competencies 2011, (45http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-0055647) which is hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of this rule. Copies of the Reading Endorsement Competencies 2011 may be obtained by contacting Just Read, Florida!, Department of Education, 325 West Gaines Street, Room 1432, Tallahassee, Florida 32399, or from the website at http://www.fldoe.org/academics/standards/just-read-fl/reading-endorsement.stml.

    94(2) Following the review of existing subject coverage or endorsement requirements required by Section 1081012.586, F.S., 110in 2018, reading endorsement programs shall continue to use the 2011 Reading Endorsement Competencies. Programs must resubmit their plans for review in order to ensure an emphasis is placed on:

    140(a) effective methods of identifying characteristics of conditions such as dyslexia, and a focus on multisensory interventions, and

    158(b) instructional strategies to support explicit, systematic, and sequential approaches to teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

    177(3) District reading endorsement in-service add-on programs must be resubmitted for review and approval per Section 1931012.586, F.S., 195in a format provided by the department. Once approved, the newly submitted program will go into effect no later than July 1, 2020. Educators who have completed one or more competencies prior to July 1, 2020, in a previously approved add-on program will not be required to retake competencies in the newly approved district in-service add-on program in order to earn their reading endorsement.

    259(4) The standards set forth in subsection (2) of this rule shall be incorporated into all teacher preparation programs.

    278Rulemaking Authority 2801001.02(2), 2811012.55(1), 2821012.98(8) FS. 284Law Implemented 2861012.55(1), 2871012.586, 2881012.98 FS. 290History–New 5-19-08, Amended 10-25-11, 12-22-19.