6A-4.01792. Specialization Requirements for the Prekindergarten Disabilities Endorsement - Academic Class  

Effective on Wednesday, February 25, 2009
  • 1(1) A bachelor’s or higher degree with certification in any exceptional student education area, preschool education, primary education, prekindergarten/primary education, elementary education (K-6), or early childhood education, and

    29(2) Twelve (12) semester hours in prekindergarten disabilities education to include the areas specified below:

    44(a) Six (6) semester hours in the development and implementation of individualized educational programs for the prekindergarten child with disabilities to include formal and informal evaluation techniques; developmentally appropriate curriculum, methods, and intervention strategies; teaming approaches to facilitate inclusion in appropriate learning environments; and multidisciplinary approaches and techniques for serving the child and the family;

    99(b) Three (3) semester hours in child development to include theories of the atypical child, the stages and sequences of development, and the impact of disabilities and biomedical risk factors on learning; and

    132(c) Three (3) semester hours in family collaboration and support to include family systems theory and interaction; community resources; service coordination; and transition.

    155Rulemaking Authority 1571001.02(2)(n), 1581012.55(1), 1591012.56(13) FS. 161Law Implemented 1631001.02, 1641012.54, 1651012.55, 1661012.56 FS. 168History–New 10-3-91, Amended 5-7-02, 2-25-09.


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