6A-4.0282. Specialization Requirements for the Endorsement in Athletic Coaching - Academic Class  

Effective on Wednesday, January 16, 2008
  • 1(1) Certification in another subject, and

    7(2) Nine (9) semester hours in athletic coaching to include the areas specified below:

    21(a) Three (3) semester hours in care and prevention of athletic injuries and the effects and dangers of drug use including performance enhancing drugs,

    45(b) Three (3) semester hours in coaching theory,

    53(c) A course in theory and practice of coaching a specific sport, and

    66(3) A valid cardiopulmonary resuscitation 71course completion card or 75certificate issued by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross 87or an equivalent cardiopulmonary resuscitation course completion card or certificate issued by an entity approved by the Florida Department of Health pursuant to Rule 11164J-1.022, 112F.A.C113.

    114Rulemaking Authority 1161001.02, 1171012.55, 1181012.56 FS. 120Law Implemented 1221001.02, 1231012.54, 1241012.55, 1251012.56 FS. 127History–New 12-4-89, Amended 10-26-05, 1-16-08.


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