6A-4.044. Specialization Requirements for Certification in Local Director of Career and Technical Education - Career and Technical Administrative Class  

Effective on Thursday, June 23, 2016
  • 1(1) A master’s or higher degree or the advanced occupational level of training;

    14(2) Verification of completion of three (3) years of teaching experience in career and technical education as specified in paragraph 346A-4.002(5)(a), 35F.A.C.;

    36(3) A valid professional certificate with certification in a nondegreed or degreed career and technical class coverage; and,

    54(4) Thirty (30) semester hours of graduate or upper level credit in administration and supervision to include the following:

    73(a) Three (3) semester hours in organization, administration and management of career and technical programs;

    88(b) Three (3) semester hours in administration and supervision of secondary education;

    100(c) Three (3) semester hours in instructional programs and curriculum;

    110(d) Three (3) semester hours in supervision and development of the career and technical education staff; and,

    127(e) Three (3) semester hours in school-community employee-employer relationships, interpretation of school programs, and socio-economic foundations of school policies.

    146Rulemaking Authority 1481001.02, 1491012.55, 1501012.56 FS. 152Law Implemented 1541001.02, 1551012.55, 1561012.56 FS. 158History–New 4-20-64, Amended 4-8-68, 4-19-74, Repromulgated 12-5-74, Amended 7-1-79, 6-27-85, Formerly 6A-4.44, Amended 10-10-89, 6-23-16


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