6A-6.03030. Exceptional Student Education Eligibility for Infants or Toddlers Birth Through Two Years Old who have Established Conditions  

Effective on Thursday, April 4, 2013
  • 1(1) Definition. An infant or toddler with an established condition is defined as a child from birth through two (2) years of age with a diagnosed physical or mental condition known to have a high probability of resulting in developmental delay. Such conditions shall include genetic and metabolic disorders, neurological disorders a severe attachment disorder, 56an autism spectrum disorder, a sensory impairment (vision or hearing), or the infant’s birth weight was less than 1,200 grams77.

    78(2) Criteria for eligibility. 82An infant or toddler with an established condition 90is eligible for 93exceptional student education when a team of qualified professionals and the parent or guardian in accordance with subsection 1116A-6.0331(6), 112F.A.C., determine that all 116the following criteria are met:

    121(a) The 123infant or toddler 126is below the age of thirty-six (36) months;

    134(b) The requirements of subsection 1396A-6.0331(2), 140F.A.C., have been met; and

    145(c) There is written evidence that the Department of Health, Children’s Medical Services, Part C Local Early Steps has determined that the infant or toddler has an established condition as defined in subsection (1) of this rule; and,

    183(d) The infant or toddler needs early intervention services as defined in paragraph 1966A-6.03411(1)(i), 197F.A.C.

    198(3) Continued eligibility. Continued eligibility for exceptional student education shall be determined before the child’s third birthday 215in accordance with Rule 2196A-6.03026, 220F.A.C221.

    222Rulemaking Authority 2241001.02, 2251003.01, 2261003227.21, 2281003.57 FS. 230Law Implemented 2321003.01, 2331003.21, 2341003.57 FS. 236History–New 11-29-93, Amended 4-4-13.


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