6A-6.052. Dropout Prevention Programs  

Effective on Tuesday, July 26, 2016
  • 1(1) Dropout prevention programs differ from traditional programs in scheduling, instructional strategies, philosophy, curricula, learning activities and assessment. These positive comprehensive programs shall provide courses leading to the achievement of a standard State of Florida High School or State of Florida High School Performance-Based diploma, and shall ensure that coordination of services and activities with other programs and agencies exists. The State of Florida High School Performance-Based Diploma is only provided to students who are enrolled in the Performance-Based Exit Option Model and have successfully completed all requirements for the program. Each school that establishes or continues a dropout prevention program at that school site shall reflect that program in the school improvement plan as required under Section 1191001.42(18), F.S.

    121(2) Listed below are the rules which comprise these guidelines:

    131(a) Rule 1336A-6.0521, 134F.A.C., Definitions and Requirements Which Apply to All Dropout Prevention Programs.

    145(b) Rule 1476A-6.0524, 148F.A.C., Educational Alternatives Programs.

    152(c) Rule 1546A-6.0525, 155F.A.C., Teenage Parent Programs.

    159Rulemaking Authority 1611001.02, 1621003.53 FS. 164Law Implemented 1661003.53 FS. 168History–New 11-6-90, Amended 1-2-95, 7-26-16.


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