74-1.007. Closeout (Transferred)  

Effective on Monday, August 1, 2016
  • 1(1) The Agency must perform Project Closeout phase activities after the defined project objectives have been met and the Agency has accepted the project’s product in accordance with their deliverable acceptance criteria and governance process.

    36(2) The following matrix lists the closeout activities and documents required for the project based on its Risk and Complexity (R&C) Category.

    58(3) Specific document templates are not prescribed – any project documentation that contains the informati73on specified in the requirements below is acceptable.

    81CLOSEOUT PHASE – Requirements by Risk & Complexity Category






    94Project Closeout Report


    98Required ‒ Document the project’s accomplishments against the project budget, scope, schedule, and pe112rformance baselines. Include a discussion of the lessons learned compiled by the project team and stakeholders. The PCR must be completed as defined in the project schedule.

    139Required ‒ Document the project’s accomplishments against the project budget, scop150e, and schedule. Include a discussion of the lessons learned.






    164Post Implementation

    166Review (PIR) Report

    169Required – Document whether the products or services delivered by the project meet the Agency’s business objectives, and provide the expected results and benefits as documented in the Initiation and Planning phases. Validate the cost benefit analysis and projected return on investment analysis. This analysis should be performed six months to one year after the product or service ha228s been implemented.

    231Not Required

    233(4) The Agency must archive all Agency and third-party project documentation or artifacts.

    246(5) The Agency will ensure that system operations are transitioned to the appropriate support and operational entities in conformance with the Operations and Maintenance Plan.

    271Rulemaking Authority 273282.0051(18) 274FS. Law Implemented 277282.0041, 278282.0051 279FS. History‒New 7-16-15, Amended 8-1-16.


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