74-1.009. Agency for State Technology (AST) Oversight (Transferred)

Effective on Monday, August 1, 2016
  • 1(1) Section 282.0051(4), F.S., requires AST oversight on State Agency information technology projects that have total project costs of $10 million or more and that are funded in the General Appropriations Act or any other law.

    37(2) Section 282.0051(15), F.S., requires AST oversight on Cabinet Agency information technology projects with a total project cost of $25 million or more and that impacts one or more other agencies. Cabinet Agencies must adopt the standards contained in rules 7774-1.001 78through 74-1.008, F.A.C., for IT projects that have a total cost of $25 million or more and that impact one or more other agencies.

    102(3) Agencies will participate and assist AST in oversight of a project as follows:

    116(a) The Agency will provide access to all required documentation as defined within this rule to AST upon initiation of AST oversight.

    138(b) AST will assess schedule, cost, and scope variance based on the defined, documented, and approved Project Management Plan, budget, and the baselined schedule and spending plan.

    165(c) The Agency will update the project schedule weekly and provide the updated schedule to AST. AST will review the project schedule weekly and will identify and track trends in Schedule Performance Index and Cost Performance Index.

    202(d) The Agency will update project documentation (schedule, spend plan, scope, risk and issues) at the end of each month and provide these documents to AST no later than the 10th day of the following month.

    238(4) AST will review and document the project’s progress on a monthly basis. The purpose of the review is to determine trends in schedule, cost, and scope variances, (using the approved project management plan along with other project documentation) and assess project management practices. AST will further examine projects trending out of variance, review its findings with the Agency, and, if necessary, make recommendations for corrective action(s).

    305(5) AST will report quarterly to the Executive Office of the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives on any information technology project that AST identifies as high-risk due to the project exceeding acceptable variance ranges (pursuant to section 282.0051(4), F.S.). The quarterly report will follow the same process and format as the monthly review. Also the quarterly report will include a discussion of the risk assessment, including fiscal risks associated with proceeding to the next stage of the project, and a recommendation for corrective actions required, up to and including suspension or termination of the project. Agencies will review and acknowledge the quarterly report (or provide feedback or response) in writing to AST within 5 business days.

    430(6) Any project meeting the criteria for AST oversight must adhere to the requirements of a Risk and Complexity (R&C) Category 4 project.

    453(7) A PMP456® 457Certified Project Manager is required for any project meeting the criteria for AST oversight. The PMP473® 474Certified Project Manager shall, on behalf of the agency, lead the entire project team in the completion of the full project scope throughout the project lifecycle. This project manager must be an Agency employee or a contractor (an individual) of the Agency. The Agency project manager will serve as the primary point of contact for AST.

    530(8) Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) must be employed throughout the project lifecycle for any project that meets the criteria for AST oversight. The Agency will purchase IV&V services in compliance with section 563287.056, F.S., 565or procure such services in a manner consistent with Florida procurement laws. The Agency will collaborate with AST when creating solicitations and contracts for IV&V services, and when identifying the amount of funding to be requested for IV&V as part of the project’s Legislative Budget Request (LBR). IV&V contract deliverables, including invoices, will be provided to AST at or around the time they are delivered by the IV&V vendor to the Agency.

    637Rulemaking Authority 639282.0051(64018) 641FS. Law Implemented 644282.0041, 645282.0051 FS. History‒New 7-16-15, Amended 8-1-16.


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