74-3.002. Physical Access and Security  

Effective on Thursday, June 16, 2016
  • 1(1) General ‒ In order to gain access to the State Data Center (SDC) facility, all Visitors must:

    19(a) Provide a government issued photo identification to verify their identify. Visitor identification will be verified 35before SDC access is approved;

    40(b) Be visiting the SDC on business relating to the official duties or responsibilities of the SDC or a SDC customer entity, or be a State of Florida governmental employee visiting the SDC on official state business; and,

    78(c) Sign the SDC visitor log kept at the front desk of the SDC, and provide the following information in the log:

    1001. Name,

    1022. Job title,

    1053. Work or cell telephone number,

    1114. Work e-mail address.

    1155. Time entering the SDC, and,

    1216. Time departing the SDC (provid127ed when leaving the SDC).

    132(2) Identification Badge ‒ Visitors approved to enter the SDC must wear the AST-issued identification badge in a visible place on their person at all times while at the SDC.

    162(3) Access to Raised Floor Area.

    168(a) Vendor Unescorted A172ccess ‒ Vendors may be allowed in raised floor area unescorted only if they satisfy the following requirements:

    1901. Within the last five (5) years, they have successfully passed a Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) background screening, conducted 210by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, under the AST’s Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) number.

    2282. Within the last two (2) years, they have successfully completed (i.e., received a score at least a 70% or higher) CJIS Security Training as provided 254via https://www.cjisonline.com/.

    256Vendors who have successfully satisfied the requirements of subparagraphs (3)(a)1. and 2. above, will, for purposes of this rule, be considered “CJIS Compliant.”

    279(b) Vendor Escorted Access 283‒ Vendors that are not CJIS Compliant must be escorted by a CJIS Compliant employee of the customer entity, approved by the SDC facilities manager, while in Raised Floor areas.

    313(c) Non-Vendor Visitor Access – Non-Vendor Visitor access to the Raised Floor A326rea shall always be conducted under escort by an AST employee employed at the SDC.

    341(4) Access to Mechanical and High/Power Room Areas ‒ Facility mechanical and high-power rooms are off limits to all Visitors unless their access is both necessary (e.g., to conduct repairs to equipment located in this area) and approved in writing by either the SDC infrastructure and facilities bureau chief or facilities administrator. Visitors accessing these areas must be accompanied at all times by AST facilities or SDC management employees.

    410(5) During their visit to the SDC, authorization of Visitors that have been initially approved to be at the SDC may be verified by AST staff.

    436(6) Individuals shall only be admitted to the communications equipment room if escorted by AST staff.

    452Rulemaking Authority 282.0051(18) FS. Law Implemented 282.0051(11)(e) FS. History‒New 6-16-16.


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