9B-1.002. Definitions (Transferred)  

Effective on Sunday, September 13, 2009
  • 1For the purpose of this chapter, the following words, unless the context does not permit, shall have the meanings indicated:

    21(1) Department – The Florida Department of Community Affairs.

    30(31232) Third Party Agency 36(Agency) 3738An individual or entity, which may be a private sector entity, a state department with building construction responsibilities or a local government determined by the Department to be qualified pursuant to this chapter to review plans for or inspect the construction of manufactured building units, systems, or the component parts thereof together with the plans, specifications, and quality control procedures to ensure that such units, systems, or component parts are in full compliance with the codes 114and standards herein adopted and to assign and attach the insignia of the Department to such units complying with those standards.

    135(1363137) Building System – The plans, specifications and documentation for a system of manufactured buildings or for a type or a system of building components, which may include structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems and other building systems affecting life safety.

    180(1814182) 183Building Code Information System (BCIS) at 189www.floridabuilding.org 190– the 192official website of the Florida Building Commission and the Florida Building Codes and Standards Office.

    207(2085209) 210Closed Construction – A building, component, assembly, subassembly, or system manufactured in such a manner that all portions cannot 229be readily inspected at the installation site without disassembly or destruction thereof.

    241(2426243) Component – Any three dimensional assembly, subassembly, or combination of elements for use as a part of a building, which may include structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems, and other building systems affecting life safety.

    281(2827283) Dealer – Any person, corporation or business engaged in leasing, selling, or both leasing and selling manufactured buildings.

    302(3038304) Equipment – All equipment, material, appliances, devices, fixtures, fittings or accessories installed in or used in the manufacture and assembly of a manufactured building.

    329(3309331) Insignia – An approved device or seal issued by the Department to indicate compliance with the provisions of this chapter. The term “insignia” includes recertification insignias.

    358(35910360) Installation – The assembly of a manufactured building component or system on site and the process of affixing a manufactured building component or system to land, a foundation, or an existing building, or service connections which are part thereof.

    400(14011402) Labeled – Shall be as defined in the Florida Building Code.

    414(12415) Building Official – The officer or other designated authority or their duly authorized representative charged with the administration of the applicable technical codes in the subject jurisdiction. This term is synonymous with “building official” as that term is defined in Section 457468.603(1), F.S.

    459(14603461) Manufacture – The process of making, modifying, fabricating, constructing, forming or assembling or reassembling a product from raw, unfinished, semifinished, or finished materials.

    485(14864487) Manufactured Building, 490Modular Building, or Factor494y495-Built Building 497– A closed structure, building assembly, or system of subassemblies, which may include structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilating, or other service systems manufactured 520in manufacturing facilities 523for installation or erection as a finished building or as part of a finished building, which shall include but not be limited to residential, commercial, institutional, storage, and industrial structures. 553The term includes buildings not intended for human habitation such as lawn storage buildings and storage sheds manufactured and assembled offsite by a certified manufacturer.

    578(15795580) Manufacturer – Any person who, or entity which, has been certified to produce, modify, or produce and modify manufactured buildings for placement in the State of Florida.

    608(16096610) Model – A specific design of manufactured buildings, which is based on size, room arrangement, method of construction, location, arrangement or size of plumbing, mechanical or electrical equipment and systems therein in accordance with plans submitted to the Department.

    650(16517652) Modification – Any change to a manufactured building which affects the structural, electrical, thermal, mechanical, plumbing systems, life safety, means of egress, material flammability/flame spread or accessibility of the building to persons with disabilities 687in accordance with the Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction697.

    698(16998700) Occupancy Classification – 704The characterization of the intended purpose for which the building will be used as determined in accordance with the Florida Building Code.

    726(72719728) Open Construction – Any manufactured building, building component, assembly or system manufactured in such a manner that all parts or processes of manufacture can be readily inspected at the installation site without disassembly, damage to or destruction thereof.

    767(27680769) Quality Control Manual – A manual which contains all aspects of quality control procedures to be utilized by an entity or individual performing a function regulated hereby.

    797(27981799) Recertified Building – A manufactured building which has been previously approved by the Department and which has been subjected to the supplemental procedures provided in this chapter for subsequent approval.

    830(28312832) Residential Building – 836Shall be as defined in the Florida Building Code845.

    846(28473848) Standard Design – Any building system, model, series or component intended for duplication or repetitive manufacture.

    865(28664867) 868Storage Shed – A closed construction building that is not designed for human habitation, without regard to whether the storage unit is used for residential or commercial purposes. This term does not include a building used to house communications equipment.

    908(29095910) 911System – The structural, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, thermal efficiency and life safety elements, materials or components of a building.

    930(29316932) Traveler – A form utilized in a manufacturing facility in conjunction with the manufacturer’s quality control program to indicate that all quality control inspections are conducted during the manufacturing process and that all inspections indicate compliance with the approved plans.

    973Rulemaking 974Authority 553.97637977(9782)(c979), 980553.415 FS. 982Law Implemented 553.39857, 986553.415 FS. 988History–New 1-17-72, Amended 2-23-75, 12-8-75, 3-1-80, 9-29-82, Formerly 9B-1.02, Amended 1-1-87, 31000-1-92, 3-1-95, 9-13-01, 7-16-03, 5-13-07, 10059-13-09.

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