9B-1.004. Adoption of Model Codes (Transferred)  

Effective on Sunday, September 13, 2009
  • 1(1) Building Code – The design and fabrication of manufactured buildings and components shall comply with the requirements of the Florida Building Code as defined in Rule 289B-3.047, 29F.A.C., and adopted herein by reference.

    35(2) Florida Fire Prevention Code – Buildings designed and manufactured by these rules shall conform to the requirements of the Florida Fire Prevention Code, referenced in Sections 633.022 and 633.025, F.S.

    66(3) A copy of the above referenced Florida Building Code has been filed with the Secretary of State. The Florida Building Code is also available for reference and inspection at the Department of Community Affairs, 101Building Codes 103and 104Standards Office or online at www.floridabuilding.org110.

    111(1124113) The above shall not apply to any building exempted pursuant to Section 126553.73, 127Part IV, F.S.

    130(1315132) Notwithstanding the above, the service connections and foundations prepared at the installation site shall be regulated by the local building official according to the Florida Building Code.

    160(1616162) Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this section, factory-built schools shall be subject to the following:

    178(a) Existing Buildings. Factory-built schools utilized as educational facilities prior to 189July 1, 2001, 192are hereby designated as existing buildings and shall comply with the requirements of Section 423, Florida Building Code.

    210(b) New Construction. Factory-built schools other than existing buildings shall be manufactured and installed as required by the Florida Building Code, including Section 423.

    234Rulemaking 235Authority 236553.37(1), 237553.415, 238553.73(2), 239553.76(4) 240FS. Law Implemented 243553.37244(2453246), 247553.38, 248553.415, 249553.73(1), 250(2) 251FS. History–New 1-17-72, Amended 6-19-74, 2-23-75, 12-21-76, 3-20-79, 3-1-80, 6-24-80, 9-29-82, 1-29-84, 11-1-84, Formerly 9B-1.04, Amended 1-1-87, 1-1-89, 1-1-90, 3271-1-92, 3-1-95, 9-13-01, 7-16-03, 5-13-07, 2769-13-09.

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