9B-1.007. Manufacturer Certification (Transferred)  

Effective on Sunday, September 13, 2009
  • 1(1) All individuals or entities manufacturing buildings or components for installation in Florida must be certified by the 19D20epartment. In the event that a manufacturer has more than one facility producing manufactured buildings, the manufacturer shall obtain certification for each such facility individually.

    45(2) Initial Certification Requirements – A manufacturer must submit to the 56Agency for validation to the Department 62the following for certification:

    66(a) Application Package – A completed application; application fee; certificate of product liability insurance with coverage not less than $1,000,000, 88which shall be renewed and posted on the Building Code Information System 100at 101www.floridabuilding.org 102annually; 103and a copy of a contract with a certified 112A113gency for plan review and inspection services.

    120(b) Identification of principals which shall at a minimum include the 131positions 132of partners if the manufacturer is a partnership or its officers, directors, controlling owners and registered agent if the manufacturer is a corporation.

    155(c) Description of manufacturing facility including, 161at a minimum, 164the size of shed(s) for weather protection of building materials and buildings under construction or repair, the size of yard at the facility for storing buildings and a site plan of the facility.

    197(d) A Quality 200Control 201Manual.

    202(3) The manufacturer shall submit a separate application for each of its plant locations. The Quality 218Control 219Manual shall be kept at each location.

    226(4) Renewal – The manufacturer shall renew its certification once every three years and update the information provided in its initial application using the Building Code Information System. Manufacturers will be notified electronically at least 90 days prior to the expiration date of the manufacturer’s certification. If the manufacturer does not complete the renewal information and submit correct fees by the certification expiration date, certification becomes null and void. The manufacturer must meet the qualifications in effect upon the date of renewal to have its certification renewed.

    313Rulemaking 314Authority 315553.37316(3172318), 319553.381 FS. 321Law Implemented 323553.381 FS. 325History–New 1-17-72, Amended 2-23-75, 11-14-76, 3-1-80, 11-4-84, Formerly 9B-1.07, Amended 1-1-87, 1-1-89, 3-1-95, 9-7-00, 9-13-34001, 7-16-03, 5-13-07, 3439-13-09.

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