9B-1.009. Design Plan and Systems Approval (Transferred)  

Effective on Sunday, September 13, 2009
  • 1(1) General. A final design plan approval shall be contingent upon compliance with these rules and the building codes specified in Rule 239B-1.004, 24F.A.C. The manufacturer shall submit 29plans for approval by the 34Agency. The Agency reviewing the plans shall notify a manufacturer of any apparent errors or omissions and request any additional information necessary to evaluate the plans submitted within thirty days of receipt of the plans. 69The Department shall have the authority to seek revocation of a plan approval by a84n 85Agency if, through monitoring activities, the Department discovers that the plans fail to comply with the standards adopted herein.

    104(2) 105Approved Plans107. 108Plans are approved for all code related items installed at the manufacturing facility in accordance with Sections 125553.37(1) 126and 127553.38, F.S. 129All code related items not installed at the manufacturing facility shall be clearly noted on the plans cover page as “Items to be site installed and subject to local code review and compliance.”

    162(3) 163Completed sets of design plans and specifications, prepared by an architect or engineer licensed to practice in the State of Florida, except as exempted by Florida law; supporting calculations and any required test results for each system and prototype to be approved. Based on compliance with the codes in Rule 2139B-1.004, 214F.A.C., the 216Agency 217shall approve or disapprove the manufacturer’s submittal. If the submittal is approved, the 230Agency 231shall affix a stamp authorized by the Department on each sheet. Plans drawn to a scale less than 1/8'' to the foot are not acceptable. Plans shall be le260gible for reproduction purposes, including vergiage

    266(2674268) System Approval. The manufacturer may submit through the Agency for Department approval a system of construction which may include any or all elements of building systems such as structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical elements or components. Such submission shall include all documents and data providing complete information necessary for evaluation of the systems’ performance and capabilities for its intended use.

    329(3305331) 332The Agency shall conduct a 337review 338of 339each set of documents submitted, including the plans, specifications and design calculations, for compliance with the appropriate code and this part and shall utilize a checklist. The plans review and the checklist utilized therewith shall at a minimum contain 378the plan review requirements of the Florida Building Code, adopted pursuant to Rule 3919B-3.047, 392F.A.C.:

    393(3946395) Plan Approval Expiration – Upon revision of the building codes adopted herein, plan approvals shall expire upon the effective date of the revisions unless the manufacturer files with the department a sworn statement by a431n 432Agency that the plans 436as previously approved 439have been reviewed and are in compliance with the 448revisions to the adopted codes. 453The Agency shall ensure that it has obtained, and retains as a public record, all data and information necessary to support that sworn statement consistent with rules regulating the practice of engineering or architecture or both engineering and architecture. This rule is not intended to provide a defense for Agencies from any charge of unlicensed practice of engineering or architecture. 513The Agency shall trans517mit plans electronically through the Building Code Information System to the Department.

    529(5307531) Manufacturer’s Component Data Plate. Each component or package of like components shall contain a manufacturer’s data plate which indicates the limiting characteristics and design criteria of such components for determining how they are to be installed and utilized within their capabilities. Such data plate information shall be approved by the 582A583gency.

    584(5858586) Manufacturer’s Modular Data Plate. The manufacturer shall install on all 597manufactured (modular) buildings 600and components prior to leaving the manufacturing plant a data plate which shall be permanently 615affixed 616on or about the electrical panel and which shall contain, but not be limited to, the following design information when applicable.

    637(a) 638Name and address of 642Manufacturer;

    643(b) Name of Third Party Agency;

    649(650c651) Manufacturer Certification Number;

    655(656d657) Date of Manufacturer;

    661(662e663) Date of Alteration;

    667(668f669) Number of Modules;

    673(674g675) Construction Type 678as defined in Chapter 6 of the Code;

    686(687h688) Occupancy Use Classification 692in accordance with Chapter 3 of the Code;

    700(i) Design Occupant Load;

    704(705j706) Serial Number;

    709(710k711) Agency Plan Number;

    715(716l717) Standard Plan Approval Number;

    722(723m724) Maximum Floor Load (pounds per square foot), Live Load and Dead Load;

    737(738n739) Roof Load; Live Load and Dead Load;

    747(748o749) Wind Velocity Rating;

    753(754p755) “U” rating of Floor, Wall, and Roof;

    763(764q765) Limitations of the plan approval by the Agency;

    774(775r776) If an automatic sprinkler system is provided, whether the sprinkler system is required; and

    791(792s793) Any special stipulations and conditions of the building permit.

    803Rulemaking 804Authority 805553.37806(8072808) FS. Law Implemented 553813.37814(8152816) 817FS. History–New 1-17-72, Amended 2-23-75, 3-1-80, 9-29-82, 1-29-84, 11-1-84, Formerly 9B-1.09, Amended 1-1-87, 3831-1-92, 3-8331-95, 9-13-01, 7-16-03, 5-13-07, 9-13-09.

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