9B-1.010. Manufacturer's Quality Control Manual Procedures (Transferred)  

Effective on Sunday, September 13, 2009
  • 1The manufacturer’s Quality Control Manual shall at a minimum contain the following information.

    14(1) Organizational Element:

    17(a) Introduction of the manufacturer – a brief history which shall, at a minimum include where it is incorporated, whether it is a division of any parent organization, the identity of products it manufactures, and the location of the facility.

    57(b) An organizational chart showing responsible management and supervisory positions by title. A job description for each of the positions shall be provided.

    80(c) Brief 82qualifications 83of all personnel in management and supervisory positions including the Quality Control Manager.

    96(d) Administrative procedure for revision of 102Q103uality 104C105ontrol Manual.

    107(e) Procedure for retaining permanent records of plans, travelers, inspection reports, serial numbers of buildings, insignias used, first destination of labeled buildings or components 131in accordance with Chapter 19, F.S137.

    138(f) Method and frequency 142o143f training of quality control and production personnel.

    151(2) Design and Specification Control:

    156(a) Procedures for revisions to plans.

    162(b) Recording system of drawings and specifications.

    169(3) Material Control:

    172(a) Inspection procedure of materials, equipment and supplies when received.

    182(b) Method of storing and protection of building materials and equipment against damage.

    195(c) Provision for disposal of rejected materials, equipment and supplies.

    205(d) Forms used.

    208(4) Production Control:

    211(a) A description of manufacturing process – method and sequence of construction.

    223(b) Check lists of material specifications and workmanship inspections performed at each stage of production by supervisors, corrective actions taken, use of traveler.

    246(c) Frequency of quality control inspections.

    252(d) List of tests to be performed, testing equipment, results and technical data acceptable.

    266(e) Procedures for timely preventive and remedial measures.

    274(f) Assignment of authority to accept or reject work.

    283(g) Provision for disposition of rejected items.

    290(h) Forms used.

    293(5) Finished Product Control and Identification of Products:

    301(a) Procedure for handling and storage of finished buildings/modules and components.

    312(b) Preparation for shipping, transportation, and delivery.

    319(c) Serial numbering system of buildings or components and location of the serial number not readily removable.

    336(d) Location of manufacturer’s data plate. Information to contain in the data plate.

    349(e) Location of 352Florida 353State 354insignia.

    355(f) Forms used.

    358Rulemaking 359Authority 360553.37361(3622363), 364553.365381 366FS. Law Implemented 369553.37370(3712372), 373(6), 374(8), 375553.376381 377FS. History–New 1-17-72, Amended 2-23-75, 3-1-80, 9-29-82, Formerly 9B-1.10, Amended 1-1-89, 3-1-92, 3-1-95, 9-7-00, 9-13-01, 3925-13-07, 9-13-09.

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