9B-1.016. Department Insignia (Transferred)  

Effective on Sunday, September 13, 2009
  • 1(1) Each manufactured building, re-certified building, and components approved by the Agency shall be affixed with 17the 18appropriate insignia prior to leaving the manufacturing plant.

    26(2) Insignia fees shall be charged as provided in the Schedule of Fees.

    39(3) Assigned insignias are not transferable from one building to another, or from one manufacturer to another manufacturer.

    57(4) The control of the insignia shall remain with the Department and will be revoked by the Department in the event of violation of the conditions of approval. All such voided insignias shall be returned to the Department.

    95(5) Insignias shall be ordered from the Department using the Building Code Information System 109at www.floridabuilding.org111. Fees for insignia as provided in Rule 1199B-1.020, 120F.A.C., shall be submitted at the time of the 129order130. One insignia shall be required for each building.

    139(6) The Department shall issue insignias for those buildings and components built from previously approved plans. No insignia shall be issued until the plans for that building have been approved.

    169(7) Insignias shall be mailed to the manufacturer’s inspection agency 179for release to the Manufacturer’s Quality 185Control 186person187nel 188when the 190A191gency is satisfied the building or component meets the Florida Building Code.

    203(8) The A206gency 207or 208M209anufacturer’s Quality 211Control personnel 213shall affix insignias to buildings only after inspection and determination the building or component is in compliance 230with the 232Florida B234uilding 235C236ode. 237The insignia and data plate shall be permanently affixed on or about the electrical panel. If the building does not include an electrical panel, the insignia and data plate location shall be designated on the approved plans.

    274(9) After insignia is affixed, no alteration shall be made before installation.

    286(10) Insignias shall be denied to buildings and components not conforming 297to 298approved plans or system design.

    303(11) Affixing 305an 306insignia to a building or components which ha314s 315code deficiencies or do not conform to the approved plan, shall be grounds for decertification of the manufacturer or 334A335gency or both. In such case 341the 342i343nsignia shall be removed at the direction of 351the Department.

    353Rulemaking 354Authority 355553.37356(3572358) FS. Law Implemented 362553.37363(3642365), 366553.38 FS. 368History–New 1-17-72, Amended 9-17-73, 2-23-75, 3-1-80, 6-24-80, 9-29-82, 11-1-84, Formerly 9B-1.16, Amended 1-1-87, 3382-1-92, 3-3841-95, 9-13-01, 7-16-03, 5-13-07, 9-13-09.


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