9B-1.0211. Change in Manufacturer's Status (Transferred)  

Effective on Sunday, September 13, 2009
  • 1(1) Change of Ownership – When the ownership of a manufacturer changes, the new owner shall take the following steps:

    21(a) Inform the department in writing within 10 days of such change and give effective date of change.

    39(b) The new owner shall submit a completed manufacturer’s application to the department.

    52(c) Submit an organizational chart of the management identified by title of officers.

    65(d) Send resume of officers in the management to the department.

    76(e) Send a certificate of product liability insurance to the department.

    87(f) A service contract with the plan review/inspection agency.

    96(g) If the new owner received exclusive rights to use state approved plans and the 111Q112uality 113C114ontrol 115M116anual of the previous owner, it shall be informed to the department.

    128(h) Certification of Quality Control Manual by agency. Make name changes and other changes in the Quality Control Manual where applicable. The 150D151epartment shall assign a new manufacturer’s identification number.

    159(2) Change of Name and Address – In the event of a change in the name or address of any manufacturer or 181A182gency, the 184D185epartment shall be notified within ten days.

    192(3) Change of 195A196gency – The following procedure shall be followed when a manufacturer changes the Agency.

    210(a) The manufacturer shall inform the department of its change of 221A222gency reflecting effective date. The manufacturer shall not be without an 233A234gency.

    235(b) The manufacturer shall submit to the 242D243epartment a copy of the service agreement with the new 253A254gency reflecting an effective date.

    259(c) The new 262A263gency shall review and approve the existing or updated Quality Control Manual and 276post on the 279Building Code Information System at www.floridabuilding.org285.

    286(4) Termination of 289State Certificate 291– When a manufacturer or an 297A298gency decides to discontinue doing business, the 305D306epartment shall be informed in writing at least thirty (30) days in advance and such discontinuance shall act as a resignation of the certification. 330Any subsequent resumption of business activities by a manufacturer or 340A341gency will require a new application.

    347Rulemaking 348Authority 349553.37350(3512352) FS. Law Implemented 356553.37357(3582359), 360553.381(1) 361FS. History–New 9-13-01, Amended 7-16-03, 3665-13-07, 3679-13-09.


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