9B-1.028. Factory-built Schools, Inspections and Work Progress Reports (Transferred)  

Effective on Sunday, September 13, 2009
  • 1(1) 2All site installation and annual inspections are the responsibility of the School Board. The D17epartment 18insignia attests only to compliance of the building with the Florida Building Code and not any site plans or site related issues.

    40(2) Manufacturers and their agents and employees, Inspectors and those representatives of the educational entity responsible for supervising work related to the manufacture and installation of a factory-built school shall complete and execute a Work Performance Report, Form FMBP-SB-5-00. There shall be at least one Work Performance Report for all periods during which a factory-built school is being manufactured or installed. The report shall be executed by that person who actually supervised the work during the period for which the report is completed. The completed reports shall be kept and maintained by the entity that has actual physical custody of the building.

    142Rulemaking 143Authority 144553.415 FS. 146Law Implemented 148553.415 FS. 150History–New 9-13-01, Amended 7-16-03, 1545-13-07, 1559-13-09.

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