9K-9.005. Application Review. (Transferred)  

Effective on Tuesday, November 25, 2008
  • 1(1) Applications received by the Application deadline shall be reviewed and evaluated by Trust staff based on the materials submitted. Eligible Applicants will be notified of the receipt and status of their Application(s) via standard mail. Ineligible Applicants shall be notified via certified mail.

    45(2) No additional information shall be accepted after the Application deadline, unless specifically requested by the Trust staff for clarification of information provided in the Application received by the published Application deadline. Any clarification information requested must be received by the Trust no later than 21 days prior to the Governing Board meeting or the information will not be considered by the Trust. At a publicly noticed meeting, the Governing Board will finalize the ranking report which will be presented to the Board of Trustees.

    130(3) A project shall be eligible for scoring only if its purpose is to restore or preserve Working Waterfronts as defined in Section 153380.503(18), F.S.

    155Specific Authority 157380.507(11), 158380.5105(2) FS. 160Law Implemented 162259.105, 163380.501-.515 FS. History–New 11-25-08.


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