69K. Division of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services  

69K-1. General Application And Licensure Requirements
69K-2. Meetingsof Board Of Funeral, Cemetery, And Consumer Services
69K-5. Cemetery Regulation And Preneed Sales
69K-6. Practice And Procedures
69K-7. Trusts And Trust Funds
69K-8. Contracts
69K-9. Advertising And Solicitation
69K-10. Preneed Funeral Contract Consumer Protection Trust Fund
69K-11. Disciplinary Guidelines
69K-12. Monuments, Monument Establishments, Builders And Dealers
69K-13. Florida Mausoleum Construction
69K-14. Organization, Procedures, And Meetings
69K-15. Definitions
69K-16. Examinations And Examination Review Procedures
69K-17. Fees And Continuing Education
69K-18. Internship
69K-20. Cinerator Facility Reports
69K-21. Funeral Establishments
69K-22. Cinerator Facilities
69K-23. Direct Disposer - Examination And Application
69K-24. Removal Services; Refrigeration Facilities; Centralized Embalming Facilities
69K-25. Licensure By Endorsement
69K-27. Embalmer Apprentice Program
69K-28. Supervision Of Pre-Need Agents
69K-29. Advertising
69K-30. Disciplinary Guidelines And Penalties For Funeral Directors And Establishments, Embalmers, Removal Services, Refrigeration Services, Direct Disposers And Establishments, And Cinerator Facilities
69K-31. Contracting For Cremation Services
69K-32. Human Immunodeficiency Virus And Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Education
69K-33. Handling And Storing Human Remains
69K-100. Division Of Funeral, Cemetery, Consumer Services