69O. OIR – Insurance Regulation  

69O-123. Civil Remedy
69O-124. Anti-Coercion
69O-125. Unfair Discrimination
69O-127. Fees And Procedures Regarding Department Information And Services
69O-128. Privacy Of Consumer Financial And Health Information
69O-136. Application Procedures For Companies Seeking To Do Business In Florida
69O-137. Insurer Reporting Requirements
69O-138. Financial Examinations And Requirements
69O-141. Administrative Supervision And Withdrawal From The State
69O-142. Insurer Conduct
69O-143. Domestic Insurers
69O-144. Reinsurance
69O-148. Funding Of Preneed Contracts With Life Insurance Or Annuities
69O-149. Filing Of Forms And Rates For Life/Health Insurance
69O-150. Life And Health Advertising Requirements
69O-151. Requirements For Replacement Of Life And Health Coverage
69O-153. Deceptive Insurance Practices
69O-154. Health Insurance Policies
69O-156. Medicare Supplement Insurance
69O-157. Long-Term Care Insurance
69O-158. Exchange Of Medicaid Data With Insurers
69O-161. Uniform Insurance Claim Forms And Prior Authorization Forms
69O-162. Annuity Contracts
69O-163. Credit Life And Credit Disability Insurance
69O-164. Valuation And Nonforfeiture
69O-166. Property And Casualty Insurer Practices
69O-167. Property And Casualty Insurance Contracts
69O-170. Property And Casualty Insurance Rating
69O-171. Property And Casualty Insurer Reporting Requirements
69O-175. Motor Vehicle Insurance
69O-176. Motor Vehicle Insurance Requirements
69O-184. Insurance In Connection With Installment Sales
69O-185. Mortgage Guaranty Insurance
69O-186. Title Insurance Rates
69O-187. Professional Liability Self-Insurance Trust Funds
69O-188. Commercial Self-Insurance Funds
69O-189. Workers' Compensation
69O-190. Rules For Self-Insurers Under The Workers' Compensation Act
69O-191. Health Maintenance Organizations
69O-192. Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements
69O-193. Continuing Care Contracts
69O-194. Prepaid Health Clinics
69O-196. Premium Finance Companies
69O-197. Insurance Administrator Annual Report Form
69O-198. Service Warranty Associations
69O-199. Home Warranty Associations
69O-200. Motor Vehicle Service Agreement Companies
69O-201. Legal Expense Insurance Corporations
69O-202. Donor Annuity Organizations
69O-203. Prepaid Limited Health Service Organizations And Discount Medical Plan Organizations
69O-204. Viatical Settlement Providers
69O-207. General Provisions For Specialty Insurers
69O-215. Agents
69O-220. Adjusters
69O-222. Unlicensed Insurance Personnel
69O-228. Continuing Education
69O-230. General Ethics And Disclosure Requirements
69O-231. Penalty Guidelines For Insurance Representatives
69O-235. Sale Of Non-Insurance Products By Insurance Representatives
69O-238. Pharmacy Benefit Managers
69O-239. Bail And Bonds
69O-240. Shared Savings Program