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    66B-2.005: Funds Allocation


    Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 38 No. 96, December 21, 2012 issue of the Florida Administrative Register.



    66B-2.005Funds Allocation

    66B-2.005 Funds Allocation.

    The Board will allocate funding for this program based upon the District’s overall goals, management policies, fiscal responsibilities and operational needs for the upcoming year. If funds are determined to be available for the program, the District will notify potential eligible governmental agencies of the availability of program funding. Applications will be reviewed by the Board utilizing District Forms No. 91-25 and 91-25 (a) through (f) Waterways Assistance Program Application Evaluation and Rating Worksheet (effective date 4-24-06); and 93-25 and 93-25 (a), (b) and (c) Waterways Assistance Program Navigation Districts Application Evaluation and Rating Worksheet (effective date 4-24-06), hereby incorporated by reference and available from the District office.

    (1) No Change.

    (2) Project Funding Ratio: All financial assistance and support to eligible governmental agencies shall require, at a minimum, equal matching funds from the project sponsor, with the exception of public navigation projects that meet the provisions of subsection 66B-2.005(6)(7), F.A.C., land acquisition projects in accordance with subsection 66B-2.005(7)(8) and Rule 66B-2.008, F.A.C., and small-scale spoil island restoration and enhancement projects that meet the provisions of Rule 66B-2.014, F.A.C. derelict vessel projects consistent with Rule 66B-2.0015, and Waterway Cleanup Projects approved under 66B-2.0016. Applicant’s in-house costs are limited pursuant to paragraph 66B-2.008(1)(c), F.A.C. All financial assistance to seaports shall require equal matching funds. The District shall contribute no more than fifty percent (50%) of the local share of the cost of an inlet management or beach renourishment project. The District shall not contribute funding to both the state and local shares of an inlet management or beach renourishment project.

    (3) - (6) No Change.

    (7) Land Acquisition: All land acquisition projects shall qualify for a maximum of twenty-five (25) percent program funding. All pre-agreement expenses for land acquisition must be completed within one-year of the date of application for funding. All funded land acquisition projects must construct the required boating access facility within 7 years of completion of the land acquisition, or the District may require the applicant to refund the program funding. Immediately upon acquiring title to the land, the applicant shall record a declaration of covenants in favor of the District stating that if the required boating access facility is not constructed within 7 years and dedicated for the public use as a boating access facility for a minimum period of 25 years after completion of construction, the District shall require the applicant to refund the program funding.

    (8) No Change.

    Rulemaking Authority 374.976(2) FS. Law Implemented 374.976(1), (3) FS. History–New 12-17-90, Amended 6-24-93, 9-5-96, 2-6-97, Formerly 16T-2.005, Amended 5-17-98, 8-26-99, 3-21-01, 7-30-02, 3-3-04, 4-21-05, 4-24-06, 4-15-07, 3-25-08, 4-1-09, 3-7-11, 3-7-12, __-__-13.

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66B-2.005. Funds Allocation