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    Martin County Board of County Commissioners

    Community Transportation Coordinator for the Transportation Disadvantaged Program

    The Board of County Commissioners, Martin County, Florida, will receive sealed proposals for:



    Martin Metropolitan Planning Organization is seeking Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from agencies and firms to coordinate transportation services for the transportation disadvantaged in Martin County, Florida. It is intended that the selected agency/firm will be recommended as the designated Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) to the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD). If approved by the CTD, the selected agency/firm will operate as the CTC for the Transportation Disadvantaged system, as authorized by Chapter 427, Florida Statutes, and more fully described in Rule 41-2, Florida Administrative Code.

    The CTD delegated the functions of transportation disadvantaged planning to the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO). The MPO provides staff support to an appointed Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board and recommends to the Commission, the agency/firm that will assume CTC responsibilities.

    The CTC is defined by Chapter 427, FS, as a transportation entity recommended by the designated official planning agency (i.e., the MPO) to ensure that coordinated transportation services are provided to the transportation disadvantaged population in a designated service area. The CTC has full responsibility for the delivery of transportation services for those persons who are of physical or mental disability, income status or age, are unable to transport themselves, purchase transportation and are, therefore, dependent upon others to obtain access to doctor appointments, employment, education, shopping, social activities or other life sustaining activities or who are handicapped or high risk or at risk as defined in Section 411.202, FS.

    Sealed proposals will be received by the Information Desk on the 1st Floor at the address above until 2:00 PM local time, on Wednesday, February 20, 2013. Proposals received after the designated time and date may not be considered.

    The basic proposal document is available at www.martin.fl.us. Click on “Bids and Contracts”

    Proposers must register with www.demandstar.com in order to receive all documents and notification of addenda

    Martin County is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

    By order of the Board of County Commissioners of Martin County, Florida.

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