Pine Island Community Development District

    Notice of Receipt of Petition


    42OO-1.002: Boundary

    Petition to Expand the Bella Collina Community Development District


    On November 19, 2018, the Florida Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission (“FLWAC” or “Commission”) received a petition for expansion of the Bella Collina Community Development District (“District”) by amending District boundaries to encompass approximately 1,810.11 acres adjacent in Lake County, Florida.  The Commission will follow the requirements of Chapter 42-1, F.A.C., and Chapter 190, F.S., as amended, in considering the petition.


    SUMMARY OF CONTENTS OF PETITION:  The petition requests expansion of the District by including certain real property consisting of approximately 5.11 acres (the “Expansion Property”) situated adjacent to the existing District boundaries. DCS Real Estate Investments, LLC, (the “Developer”) requested and consented to the Petitioner expanding boundaries of the District to include the Expansion Property as evidenced in Exhibit 4. The metes and bounds descriptions of the external boundaries are provided in Exhibit 5. There is no real property within the boundaries of the proposed District which are to be excluded from the District. 


    SUMMARY OF ESTIMATED REGULATORY COSTS:  A statement of estimated regulatory costs (SERC) was prepared at the request of the Petitioner. The complete text of the SERC is contained as Exhibit 8 to the petition.  Generally, the SERC indicates the rule:

    •                   Is not expected to have any direct or indirect impact on economic growth, private sector job creation or employment, or private sector investment in excess of $1 million in the aggregate within 5 years after the implementation of the rule;
    •                   Is not likely to have any adverse impact on business competitiveness;
    •                   Is not likely to increase regulatory costs of the State or the County.  The proposed District will pay a one-time filing fee to the County to offset any County expenses; and will pay the annually required Special District Filing Fee, which is meant to offset any State costs related to oversight of all special districts in the State.  The District will incur overall operational costs related to services for infrastructure maintenance, landscaping and similar items.  In the initial stages of development, the costs will likely be minimized.  These operating costs will be funded by landowners through direct funding agreements or special assessments levied by the District;
    •                   Will require compliance by the State of Florida, Lake County, and current and future property owners;
    •                   Will not directly or indirectly result in any additional costs to the agency or any other state and local government entities other than those noted above and will have no anticipated effect on state or local revenues;
    •                   Will result in transactional costs to future landowners in the development to pay for facilities and services the District may provide.  Financing for these facilities and services is projected to be provided by the District; and,
    •                   Will have no adverse impact on small businesses, counties or cities.



    DATE AND TIME: February 14, 2019; 10:00 AM

    PLACE: Bella Collina Clubhouse

    16350 Vetta Drive

    Montverde, Florida 

    Any person requiring a special accommodation to participate in the hearing because of a disability should contact Andrew C. d’Adesky, Latham, Shuker, Eden & Beaudine, LLP, Post Office Box 3353, Orlando, Florida 32802, (407)481-5800, at least two business days in advance in order to provide sufficient opportunity to make appropriate arrangements.


    Copies of the petition may be obtained by contacting:  Andrew C. d’Adesky, Latham, Shuker, Eden & Beaudine, LLP, Post Office Box 3353, Orlando, Florida 32802, (407)481-5800; or Molly Weller, Office of the Governor, The Capitol, Room 1802, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001, telephone (850)717-9513.


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42OO-1.002. Boundary