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    Notice of Applicable Stream Assessment for Waters in the Ochlockonee – St. Marks Basin

    The Department of Environmental Protection gives notice that sufficient documentation has been provided to the Department demonstrating that the waterbody segments identified as Killearn Chain of Lakes Outlet (WBID 647L), Alford Arm Tributary (WBID 647M), Jackson Heights Creek (WBID 746A), Northeast Drainage Ditch (WBID 756H), Megginnis Arm Run (WBID 809B), Godby Ditch (WBID 820), Central Drainage Ditch (WBID 857), Virginia Tributary (WBID 883B), and East Drainage Ditch (WBID 916) located within the Ochlockonee – St. Marks basin, meet all of the conditions identified in paragraph 62-302.200(36)(b), F.A.C. For purposes of interpreting the narrative nutrient criterion in paragraph 62-302.530(48)(b), F.A.C., these waterbody segments will be assessed applying the stream thresholds in subsections 62-303.351(3)-(5), 62-303.450(1), (2) and (5), F.A.C. These assessment thresholds will continue to be applied unless the Department receives sufficient countervailing information concerning the applicability of paragraph 62-302.200(36)(b) to these waters, including the purpose of the waterbody such as flood protection, stormwater management, irrigation, water supply, navigation, boat access to an adjacent waterbody, or frequent recreational use. A map and additional information regarding these waterbody segments may be obtained by contacting: Kevin O'Donnell, Department of Environmental Protection, 2600 Blair Stone Road, Watershed Assessment Section, MS #3560, Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400, by calling: (850)245-8469.

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