The purpose and effect is to repeal these rules.  

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These rules are being repealed, pursuant to paragraph 373.4131(2)(c), F.S., because the substance of these rules has been superseded by the rules adopted in Chapter 62-330, F.A.C. No hearing will be scheduled because 373.4131(2)(c) provides that these rules can be repealed without further rulemaking under Section 120.54, F.S. Under 373.4131(2)(c) the repeals will become effective upon filing a list of the repealed rules with the Department of State.
The purpose and effect is to repeal these rules.
Rulemaking Authority:
373.044, 373.113, 373.4131 FS.
373.4131 FS.
Chris Tanner, Office of General Counsel, Southwest Florida Water Management District, 7601 Highway 301 North, Tampa, Florida 33637-6759, (813)985-7481, email (OGC# 2015033)
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