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    Prescription Drug Monitoring Program


    64K-1.008Electronic Health Recordkeeping System Integration


    Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 45 No. 167, August 27, 2019 issue of the Florida Administrative Register.

    64K-1.008 Electronic Health Recordkeeping System Integration

    (1) Definitions.

    (a) “Approved entity” means an eligible entity that has been approved by the department to connect an electronic health recordkeeping record system directly to EFORCSE®, the prescription drug monitoring data system.

    (b) “Authorized user” means a health care practitioner as defined in section 893.055(f), F.S., or his or her designee.

    (c) “Electronic health recordkeeping system” is an electronic or computer-based information system used by health care practitioners or providers to create, collect, store, manipulate, exchange, or make available personal health information including, but not limited to, electronic health records, for the delivery of patient care.

    (d)(c) “Electronic health record” is an electronic or digital version of a patient’s medical history, maintained over time and may include all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that person’s medical care under a particular provider, including demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports. The electronic health record uses computer hardware and software for the storage, retrieval, sharing and use of health care information and data. The electronic health record must provide audit trail information at the time of the request, including but not limited to facility name; facility identification type; facility identification; facility state; requester first name; requester last name; requester role; requester identification type; requester identification; request date and time; request type; PDMP disclosure identification; patient last name; patient first name; and patient date of birth.

    (e)(d) “Eligible entity” means an organization or entity that operates, provides, or makes available an electronic health recordkeeping record system to a health care practitioner or a designee of the practitioner.

    (2) An eligible entity may apply to the department to request and receive information directly from EFORCSE® through an electronic health recordkeeping record system by completing an “Integration Request Form,” DH8024-PDMP, effective 7/2018, incorporated by reference and available at https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-XXXX or http://www.floridahealth.gov/statistics-and-data/e-forcse/EHR_Integration/index.html, and submitting the form to the department.

    (3) No change.

    (4) Only individuals authorized by sections 893.055 and 893.0551, F.S., who are active registered EFORCSE® users are authorized to request and receive information directly from EFORCSE® through an electronic health recordkeeping system record.

    (5) through (6) No change.

    Rulemaking Authority, 893.055 FS.  Law Implemented 893.055(7) FS. History–New               .


    THE PERSON TO BE CONTACTED REGARDING THE PROPOSED RULE IS: Rebecca R. Poston, Program Manager, Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin #C-16, Tallahassee, Florida 32399 or Rebecca.Poston@FlHealth.gov.

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