a variance or waiver. Petitioner’s Name: Trust No. 10481 IPDE Rule No.: 40D-22.201 Nature of the rule for which variance or waiver is sought: Lawn and landscape irrigation The Petition has been assigned tracking No. 18-4269.  

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Lois Sorensen, 7601 US Highway 301, Tampa, Florida 33637, (813) 985-7481 x. 2298, water.variances@watermatters.org. Any interested person or other agency may submit written comments within 14 days after the publication of this notice. NOTE: This is an amendment for the petition for variance or waiver originally received on 10/12/2017, that was previously published on 10/19/2017, Volume 43/203. (R2017055)
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40D-22.201. Year-Round Water Conservation Measures