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    Family Safety and Preservation Program



    65C-32.002Parenting Course Delivery

    65C-32.003Required Components of the Parenting Course

    65C-32.004Parenting Course Evaluation

    65C-32.005Parenting Course Approval

    65C-32.006Parenting Course Approval Process


    65C-32.008Revocation of Approval


    Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 41 No. 224, November 18, 2015 issue of the Florida Administrative Register.

    65C-32.001 Definitions.

    (1) “Complaint” means an allegation of a violation of Section 61.21(2)-(3), F.S., and the rules adopted pursuant to Rule Chapter 65C-32, F.A.C.

    (2) through (5) No change.

    (6) “Indigent” means a determination of civil indigent status made by the clerk of the circuit court in which the underlying custody case is being heard.

    (6) through (7) are renumbered (7) through (8) No change.

    (9)(8) “Parenting Course” means the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course designated pursuant to Section 61.21(2)(a), F.S., to provide information to parents as that information relates to court actions between the parents involving parental responsibility custody, care, time-sharing, and support of a child or children.

    (10)(9) “Provider” means an individual or legal entity qualified to develop and implement the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course meeting the qualifications for approval pursuant to Rule Chapter 65C-32, F.A.C.

    (10) through (12) are renumbered (11) through (13) No change.


    65C-32.002 Parenting Course Delivery.

    (1) A parenting course shall be a minimum of four (4) hours of course instruction, including the time required for instruction, participant exercises and an end of course test evaluation.  Online and correspondence courses shall have a mechanism that prevents participants from completing the course in less than four (4) hours.

    (2) No change.

    (3) Each online or correspondence provider offering a parenting course shall incorporate a means for participants to communicate with the course instructor for questions. Course content specific questions shall be answered by the instructor within one (1) business day of receiving the question.

    (4) All courses shall include a means of verifying the identity of participants.

    (5)(4) No change.


    65C-32.003 Required Components of the Parenting Course.

    (1) All parenting courses developed pursuant to the requirements of Section 61.21, F.S. and Rule Chapter 65C-32, F.A.C., shall be named the “Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course.” Course providers are permitted to assign a unique name to their curriculum.

    (2) through (4) No change.


    65C-32.004 Parenting Course Evaluation.

    (1) No change.

    (2) Participants shall have an unlimited number of attempts to pass the end of course test.

    (a) Any time a participant receives a score of less than 70% on the end of course test, the instructor shall review the missed material with the participant prior to the participant retaking the test.  For online courses, missed questions shall refer the participant to the appropriate section requiring review prior to the participant retaking the test.

    (b) Providers shall not require additional fees for any additional time or instruction required for participants to pass the end of course test.

    (3)(2) A certificate of completion shall be distributed to each participant who completes a four (4) hour minimum Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course and receives a score of at least 70% 75% on the end of course test.

    (a) The certificate of completion shall include the name of the course, the unique name of the curriculum, and the date the parent began the course and the date the parent finished the course.

    (b) Providers must have a means of verifying certificate authenticity.

    (c) Providers must maintain a list of class participants and copies of all certificates of completion issued for five (5) years.


    65C-32.005 Parenting Course Approval.

    No change.


    65C-32.006 Parenting Course Approval Process.

    (a) The Department shall notify the provider via letter or email within five (5) business working days of receipt of the application packet;

    (1)(b) through (3) No change.


    65C-32.007 Complaints.

    No change.


    65C-32.008 Revocation of Course Approval.

    (1) through (6) No change.

    (7) Failure to comply with Rule 65C-32.005(2)(c), F.A.C.