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  • Policies Posted for Review and Comment and Correction

    NOTICE OF CORRECTION – The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has posted a revised policy for review and comment on at:

    User Password Policy (FDJJ – 1225) establishes a standard for creating strong passwords, the protection of those passwords and the frequency for changing passwords. It identifies appropriate and inappropriate construction of passwords and general password standards to thereby mitigate security risks.

    The policy is posted for a single 20 working day review and comment period, with the closure date for submission of comments on the policy of March 5, 2009. Responses to comments received will be posted during the review period to the extent possible, but no later than 10 working days after the end of the review period on the above Website.

    Correction: Three other policies noticed in this edition of the F.A.W. had an incorrect date for closure of comments of February 5, 2009. The correct date is: March 5, 2009.

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