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    Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems at Kernan Middle School, Robert E. Lee High School, and Kirby-Smith Middle School, Jacksonville, Florida

    Subcontract Proposals Due: March 3, 2009, 2:00 p.m.

    Scope:                    New Camera security system for Three (3) Duval County Public Schools.

    Owner:                   Duval County Public Schools, Facilities, Design and Construction, 1701 Prudential Drive, 5th Floor, Jacksonville, Florida 32207, (904)392-2279, Fax: (904)390-2265

    CM/GC:                 Olatech Group, Inc., 2352 Rogero Rd., Jacksonville, Florida 32211, (904)744-5552, Fax: (904)744-5545, email: erik.olatech@yahoo.com

    Purchase P/S:       Southside Blueprint Service, Inc.

                                    1024 Kings Ave.

                                    Jacksonville, Florida 32207

                                    Ph: (904)398-0575

                                    Fax: (904)398-4065


    Note:                      Prequalification necessary. Contact CM/GC.

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