an Emergency Variance for subsection 61C-4.010(7), Florida Administrative Code, from Super 8 Motel located in Fort Myers. The above referenced F.A.C. states …each public food service establishment shall maintain a minimum of one public bathroom for ...  

  • This variance request was approved March 15, 2006 and is contingent upon Petitioner ensuring the public restroom inside Super 8 Motel is functional, has hot and cold running water at all times, provided with soap and an approved method to dry hands, and kept in a clean and sanitary manner. Seating shall not exceed eighteen (18) which includes inside and any outside seating. Any violation of the variance is the equivalent of a violation of the rule and may result in a rescission of the variance, and subject the Petitioner to disciplinary sanctions as enumerated in Section 509.261, Florida Statutes.

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61C-4.010. Sanitation and Safety Requirements