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  • Commodity Food Processing Bid 07-391-599


    The School Board of Pinellas County, Florida will receive sealed bids in the Purchasing Department of the Walter Pownall Service Center, 11111 South Belcher Road, Largo, Florida until 1:00 p.m. local time, on March 22, 2007 for the purpose of selecting a supplier to provide per the bid specifications for:

    Commodity Food Processing

    Bid 07-391-599

    The purpose and intent of this invitation to bid are to select vendors to provide processing services for USDA donated meat, poultry, and peanut butter, designated for Pinellas County Schools (the District) into usable end products and to secure firm, net pricing for the contract period as specified herein. Processed foods are to be delivered to the district’s warehouse at the Walter Pownall Service Center. However, as necessary, an item may require delivery to the District’s awarded mainline food vendor. Net off invoice or pass thru value will be the preferred method of invoicing should the District choose to use the aforementioned main line food vendor.

    Public opening of the Bids will occur in the Purchasing Conference Room at the above address and all interested parties are invited to be present.

    Specifications are available at the office of:

    Purchasing Department

    Walter Pownall Service Center

    11111 So. Belcher Road

    Largo, FL 33773


    Clayton M. Wilcox                               Mary Brown

    Superintendent of Schools                 Chairman

    and Ex-Officio Secretary

    To The School Board                          Mark C. Lindemann

                                                                    Director, Purchasing

    Tampa Bay Review for Publication: March 2, 2007 and March 9, 2007

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