Intent, Purpose, and Implementation, Regulated Activities, Definitions, Procedures for Review and Agency Action on Exemption Requests, Individual Permits, Application for an Individual Permit, Processing of Individual Permit Applications, Additional ...  





    62-331.010Intent, Purpose, and Implementation

    62-331.020Regulated Activities


    62-331.040Procedures for Review and Agency Action on Exemption Requests

    62-331.050Individual Permits

    62-331.051Application for an Individual Permit

    62-331.052Processing of Individual Permit Applications

    62-331.053Additional Conditions for Issuance of State 404 Program Individual Permits

    62-331.054General Conditions for State 404 Program Individual Permits

    62-331.060Public Notice

    62-331.070Water Quality and Coastal Zone Consistency Review

    62-331.080Modification, Suspension, or Revocation of Permits

    62-331.090Duration of Permits

    62-331.100Transfer of Permit Upon Change in Ownership or Control

    62-331.110Emergency Authorizations



    62-331.140Mitigation Banks

    62-331.160Use of Formal Determinations

    62-331.200Policy and Purpose of General Permits

    62-331.201Conditions for State 404 Program General Permits

    62-331.210General Permit for Maintenance or Removal

    62-331.211General Permit for Fish and Wildlife Harvesting, Enhancement, and Attraction Devices

    62-331.212General Permit for Scientific Measurement Devices

    62-331.213General Permit for Survey Activities

    62-331.214General Permit for Outfall and Intake Structures

    62-331.215General Permit for Utility Line Activities

    62-331.216General Permit for Bank Stabilization

    62-331.217General Permit for Linear Transportation Projects

    62-331.218General Permit for Return Water from Upland Contained Disposal Areas

    62-331.219General Permit for Hydropower Projects

    62-331.220General Permit for Minor Activities

    62-331.221General Permit for Response Operations for Oil or Hazardous Substances

    62-331.222General Permit for Removal of Vessels

    62-331.223General Permit for Structural Activities

    62-331.224General Permit for Aquatic Habitat Restoration, Enhancement, and Creation Activities

    62-331.225General Permit for Residential Developments

    62-331.226General Permit for Moist Soil Management for Wildlife

    62-331.227General Permit for Maintenance of Existing Flood Control Facilities

    62-331.228General Permit for Temporary Construction, Access, and Dewatering

    62-331.229General Permit for Boat Ramps

    62-331.230General Permit for Emergency Watershed Protection and Rehabilitation

    62-331.231General Permit for Cleanup of Hazardous and Toxic Waste

    62-331.232General Permit for Commercial and Institutional Developments

    62-331.233General Permit for Agricultural Activities

    62-331.234General Permit for Reshaping Existing Drainage Ditches

    62-331.235General Permit for Recreational Facilities

    62-331.236General Permit for Stormwater Management Facilities

    62-331.237General Permit for Mining Activities

    62-331.238General Permit for Repair of Uplands Damaged by Discreet Events

    62-331.239General Permit for Activities in Ditches

    62-331.240General Permit for Commercial Shellfish Aquaculture Activities

    62-331.241General Permit for Land-Based Renewable Energy Generation Facilities

    62-331.242General Permit for Water-Based Renewable Energy Generation Pilot Projects

    In accordance with subsection 120.74(5), F.S., the Department extends the April 1 deadline to publish Notice of Proposed Rule for Chapter 62-331 F.A.C., relating to State assumption of the federal Clean Water Act, section 404 dredge and fill program authorized in s. 1, 2018-88, Laws of Florida. Notice of Rule Development was published on May 11, 2018, in Vol. 44, No. 93 of the Florida Administrative Register. The Department needs additional time to further develop the rules associated with this rulemaking effort.