Dental Services - General  



    33-402.101: Dental Services - General


    Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 34, No. 7, February 15, 2008 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

    33-402.101  Dental Services – General.

    (1) through (7)(c) No change.

    (d) Level IV dental care represents advanced dental services that may be available on a limited basis.

    1. This level of dental care is available to inmates on an as-needed basis after completion of Level III services and successful demonstration of a plaque free index score of 90 percent or of greater for two consecutive months. If an inmate cannot demonstrate that he or she is following an acceptable oral hygiene program advanced dental therapy will not be considered.

    (d)2. through (9) No change.

    (10) Missed Appointments. Inmates who do not keep their dental appointments shall be rescheduled except for the following:

    (a) All inmates having two non-security related no-shows in a row or having have a history of no-shows shall be brought to the dental clinic to determine their desire to continue dental care;

    (b) All inmates having three non-security related no-shows within a six appointment time span shall be removed from the dental treatment list and will not be rescheduled again for routine or comprehensive dental care unless a written request is submitted for continuation for dental care. The inmate will be placed on the appointment waiting list and will not be given preferential appointments unless the inmate’s overall health would be adversely affected with dental treatment by delaying dental treatment.

    Specific Authority 944.09, 945.6034, 945.6037 FS. Law Implemented 466.001, 466.003, 466.017, 466.023, 466.024, 944.09, 945.6034, 945.6037 FS. History–New________.

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33-402.101. Dental Services - General