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    Notice of Routine Program Change Request

    The Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Coastal Office has requested the concurrence of the federal Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in updating the statutory authorities included within the Florida Coastal Management Program (FCMP) as a routine program change (RPC). The Department of Environmental Protection has determined that the proposed program changes are a routine program change as defined by 15 CFR 923.84. This routine program change submission will incorporate relevant statutory changes enacted by the Florida Legislature during the 2015 legislative session to statutes included in the Florida Coastal Management Program, including incorporation of Section 379.412, Florida Statutes, as enforceable policies. The routine program change submittal is available at and describes the nature of the changes as well as identifies the enforceable policies to be added to the management program of the State if approved. A list of all statutes that make up the FCMP is available at In addition, the FCMP has examined Chapters 259, 334, and 339, F.S., with applicable partner state agencies to clarify the enforceable policy sections within these chapters.

    Staff has evaluated these changes pursuant to 15 CFR 923, Subpart H and concluded that the changes are not amendments to the FCMP. These changes will not result in any substantial change to the enforceable policies or authorities of the FCMP related to uses subject to management, special management areas, boundaries, authorities and organization, or coordination, public involvement and the national interest.

    Notice is being provided to the general public and affected parties, including local governments, state agencies, and regional offices of relevant federal agencies as required by 15 CFR 923.84(b)(2). A list of persons and organizations notified is available for inspection or can be provided upon request from the department contact below.

    Pursuant to 15 CFR 923.84, comments on whether the changes constitute a routine program change of the FCMP may be submitted to Joelle Gore, NOAA/OCRM, 1305 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910 within 21 days of the date of issuance of this notice.

    For more information on this RPC submittal, please contact: Mr. Joseph Bauer, Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Coastal Office, 3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, M.S. 235, Tallahassee, FL 32399-3000, (850)245-2180 or If you are hearing or speech impaired, please contact the agency using the Florida Relay Service, 1(800)955-8771 (TDD) or 1(800)955-8770 (Voice).

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