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    DCPS New Autistic Classrooms at Kernan Middle School No. 279/DCSB Project No. C-912000

    The Duval County Public Schools Office of Facilities Design and Construction announces that Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Construction Management services are required for the following project: DCSB Project Number: C-91200/ Project Title: New Autistic Classrooms at Kernan Middle School No. 279/Project Location: 2271 Kernan Boulevard, S., Jacksonville, FL 32246. RFQ’s ARE DUE ON OR BEFORE MAY 13, 2008 AND WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL 4:30 p.m.

    The selected Construction Manager will provide preconstruction services including value engineering, constructability analysis, development of a cost model, and estimating and will develop a Guaranteed Maximum Price at the applicable Construction Document phase.

    Scope of Work: The project consists of a new building containing six classrooms and support spaces designed to serve the needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. An existing basketball court will be relocated to accommodate the new building. The building will connect to existing site utilities. It will also include a canopy connection to the existing bus loop. Anticipated occupancy is August 2009. The construction “Budgeted Not Exceed” cost is $1,700,000.

    Selection of finalists for interviews will be made on the basis of construction manager qualifications, including but not limited to experience and ability, financial capability, record keeping/administrative ability, critical path scheduling expertise, cost estimating, cost control ability, quality control ability, qualifications of firm’s personnel, staff and consultants, and distance from the construction site. The selected firm shall be required to execute the Duval County School Board standard form of agreement.

    The Duval County Public Schools has begun prequalifying all contractors who intend to submit bids and proposals for all construction projects exceeding $200,000 and electrical projects exceeding $50,000. All firms submitting proposals shall be required to be pre-qualified prior to the due date of May 13, 2008.

    Firms who are not approved as a pre-qualified bidder will not be considered for award of this contract.

    Prequalification forms and information may be obtained at under About DCPS, DCPS Departments, Facilities Design and Construction Services, Forms and Standards, General Documents.

    Proposal information for Award Selection may be obtained at under About DCPS, DCPS Departments, Facilities Design and Construction Services, Selection Booklets, Selection of the Construction Manager.

    Applications are to be sent to: Facilities Design and Construction, 1701 Prudential Drive, 5th Floor, Jacksonville, FL 32207-8182

    PROJECT MANAGER: Kris Eskelin, Phone No.: (904)390-2279, MBE GOALS: 20% overall

    Information on the selection process can be found at go to about dcps, then dcps departments, then facilities design and construction then Selection Booklets.

    ATTENTION: All advertisement must contain wording similar to the following if the project is Multi-Year Funded. The Total Project Budget is $2,000,000, however, DCPS has received appropriations totaling only $1,000,000. Additional appropriation in the amount of $1,000,000 is expected next year.

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