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  • Request for Proposals 2008-03 Foreclosure Prevention Training Services

    The Florida Housing Finance Corporation invites all qualified and interested parties wishing to deliver foreclosure prevention training in accordance with the terms and conditions of RFP 2008-03, to submit proposals for consideration. Proposals shall be accepted until 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), Friday, May 16, 2008, to the attention of Robin L. Grantham, Contracts Administrator, Florida Housing Finance Corporation, 227 North Bronough Street, Suite 5000, Tallahassee, Florida 32301-1329. For questions or additional information, please contact Robin Grantham at (850)488-4197 or robin.grantham@floridahousing.org. To obtain a copy of the Request for Proposals, which outlines selection criteria and offeror’s responsibilities, please submit your request to the attention of Robin L. Grantham, or you can download the Request for Proposals from the Florida Housing Finance Corporation web site at http://www.floridahousing.org/Home/BusinessLegal/Solicitations/RequestForProposals.htm. Any modifications that occur to the Request for Proposals will be posted at the web site and may result in an extension of the deadline.

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