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    Project No.: 599-511, Contract No.: 000716

    The Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority requires the services of a Professional Engineering Consultant in connection with the design of Systemwide Traffic Monitoring Stations identified as Project No.: 599-511, Contract No.: 000716.

    Shortlist consideration will be given to only those firms who are qualified pursuant to law, and as determined by the Authority, based on information provided by the firms, and who have been pre-qualified by FDOT to perform the indicated Types of Work.

    MAJOR TYPES OF WORK: Consultants shall be pre-qualified by FDOT in the following work groups: 6.3.1, Intelligent Transportation Systems Analysis and Design; 6.3.2, Intelligent Transportation Systems Implementation; 6.3.3, Intelligent Transportation Systems Traffic Engineering Systems Communications. Use of subconsultants to perform major types of work will not be allowed.

    ADDITIONAL TYPES OF WORK REQUIRING PRE-QUALIFICATION: Consultants may use pre-qualified subconsultants for the following work groups: 8, Survey and Mapping; 9, Soil Exploration, Material Testing and Foundations; 12, Right of Way Survey and Mapping.

    DESCRIPTION: These services include the design of a systemwide deployment of radar-based Traffic Monitoring Stations that provides:

    Full coverage of each interchange ramp

    Redundant coverage of the expressway mainline at each interchange

    Redundant coverage of each mainline toll plaza

    Redundant coverage of the expressway mainline between each interchange

    It is estimated that approximately 475 sensor sites will be required to provide full system coverage.

    The selected consultant and its subconsultants, if any, shall not enter into any other contract with the Authority during the term of the Contract which would create or involve a conflict of interest with the services to be provided.

    LETTERS OF INTEREST SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: Consultants wishing to be considered shall submit six (6) sets of a Letter of Interest package. The letter shall be a maximum of ten (10) pages exclusive of attachments and resumes. The packages shall include the following:

    1.             Firms Experience – Details of specific experience for at least three (3) projects, similar to those described above that involve radar-based traffic sensor design, civil support for ITS design, and power and communications design completed by the consultant’s Project Manager and other key project team members including the name of client contact person, telephone number, and physical address;

    2.             Personnel Experience – Resumes of the consultant’s proposed Project Manager and other key personnel presently employed by the consultant who will be assigned to the project. The Project Manager shall have at least five (5) years of experience administering similar types of consultant contracts;

    3.             Project Team – Anticipated subconsultants shall be identified and the roles that each will play in providing the required services. Resumes should be provided for subconsultants that may be involved in key roles;

    4.             Prequalification Documentation – A copy of the Notice of Qualification issued by the FDOT showing current qualification in the Types of Work specified above;

    5.             Office Location – The office assigned responsibility and its physical address shall be identified. It is required that the consultant have an office and key staff located within the Orlando area.

    Failure to submit any of the above required information may be cause for rejection of the package as non-responsive. SELECTION / NEGOTIATIONS: The Authority’s Evaluation Committee will shortlist firms based on its evaluation and scoring of the Letters of Interest and qualifications information received. Scoring of the submittals will be as follows: Firms Experience – 25 points; Personnel Experience – 30 points; Project Team – 25 points; Prequalification Documentation – 10 points; Office Location – 10 points. The three (3) firms with the highest point totals will be shortlisted. More than 3 firms may be shortlisted at the Committee’s option. If less that 3 firms submit responses, the Authority, at its sole discretion, may elect to continue the selection process or re-advertise the project.

    Shortlisted firms will proceed to the next step in the process which includes preparation and submittal of a Technical Proposal and an oral presentation. The Authority will provide the shortlisted firms with a Scope of Services for use in preparing the Technical Proposal. Each firm will be evaluated and ranked by the Authority’s Evaluation Committee based on the Technical Proposal and oral presentation. As part of its evaluation process, the Committee will also consider the consultant’s willingness to meet time requirements, consultant’s projected workload, and consultant’s use of Minority/Women Owned Businesses.

    CODE OF ETHICS: All consultants selected to work with the Authority are required to comply with the Authority’s Code of Ethics, a copy of which may be obtained by contacting the Authority.

    EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT: The Orlando- Orange County Expressway Authority, in accordance with the provisions of Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, hereby notifies all firms and individuals that it will require affirmative efforts be made to ensure participation by minorities.

    MINORITY / WOMEN / DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PARTICIPATION: Minority / Women / Disadvantaged Business Enterprises will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin in consideration for qualification or an award by the Authority.

    NON-SOLICITATION PROVISION: From the first date of publication of this notice, no person may contact any Authority Board Member, Officer or Employee or any selection committee member, with respect to this notice or the services to be provided, except as related to the Submittal Requirements detailed above. Reference is made to the lobbying guidelines of the Authority for further information regarding this Non-Solicitation Provision.


    June 25, 2010, 1:30 p.m. (Orlando Local Time)


    Mr. Robert Johnson

    Manager of Procurement

    Telephone: (407)690-5372


    Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority

    4974 ORL Tower Road

    Orlando, FL 32807

    Re:          Consultant Services for Design of Systemwide Traffic Monitoring Stations

                    Project No. 599-511

                    Contract No. 000716


    Claude Miller

    Director of Procurement

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