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    UCF Spectrum Stadium Rust Remediation


     made by the University of Central Florida Board of Trustees

    PROJECT NAME, NUMBER & LOCATION: Spectrum Stadium Rust Remediation, University of Central Florida, Main Campus. The scope of this project is for the remediation of all steel on the Spectrum Stadium, including:

    ·         Evaluation by the prime contractor of the most logistically and economically efficient manner to remediate the Stadium, in accordance with the Project Documents. The Stadium is only available January 3 to August 1 of each calendar year.  Contractor shall submit a proposed remediation schedule as part of its bid for the work;

    ·         Installation of temporary environmental protection barriers to isolate people and objects from the work area; this includes temporary barriers when bleachers are removed;

    ·         Removal and re-installation of all appurtenances (conduits, signage, railings, bleachers, etc.) as needed to properly and fully remediate all steel surfaces. 

    ·         Sandblasting the existing steel to bare metal, as described in the Project Documents; coordination of the design of structural repairs with Owner’s structural engineer; Contractor will be responsible for the construction of structural repairs;

    ·         Installation of an Inorganic Zinc coating over bare metal (including structural repairs), as described in the project documents, see Project Documents for full scope and requirements.  ONLY those products listed in the Project Documents will be considered – no alternates;

    ·         Supervision of the work and documentation of remediation (reports, photographs, etc.) in accordance with project requirements;

    It is the intent of this advertisement to award a single prime contract to the coating installer for all of the work. The prime contractor may sub-contract for portions of this work if necessary, but is responsible for delivering a turn-key product to the University.  Construction Managers who simply oversee other contractors doing the work will not be considered for this contract – the prime contractor must self-perform the blasting and coating work.

    PROJECT DOCUMENTS: TLC Engineering Solutions will give the Bidder access to the FTP site to review the Project Documents upon execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) by UCF and the Bidder. The NDA can be found at The contact for TLC Engineering Solutions is Brian McSweeney, email:, (407)841-9050.

    MANDATORY PRE-BID WALK THROUGH: A mandatory pre-bid walk through for all Bidders will take place:

    DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

    PLACE: Spectrum Football Stadium, 4465 Knights Victory Way, Orlando FL 32816, Roth Tower first floor lobby

    All bid questions must first be discussed at this pre-bid walk through, and will be responded to by the Owner or Owner’s representative in writing to all qualified bidders.

    QUALIFICATIONS: All Bidders must be pre-qualified at the time of bid opening, in accordance with Section 2, Instructions to Bidders. Pre-qualifications are due to TLC Engineering Solutions by Friday July 12, 2019 by 5:00 p.m. ET (see TLC contact info above). TLC Engineering Solutions will confirm with each applicant if they are qualified or not-qualified, as soon as possible following the pre-qualification deadline.

    BIDS: Bids must be submitted in accordance with the requirements of the Project Documents and this Project Manual.

    Bids will be received and opened on July 26, 2019, 2:00 p.m. ET via Bonfire’s Web Portal: For additional information, please refer to Attachment 1. UCF shall in no way be responsible for or accept any proposals not uploaded prior to the closing date and time.

    It is UCF’s intent to award the project to the lowest qualified bidder whose price contains all scope items to deliver a complete, turn-key project to the university. This project is likely to span multiple years, depending on the manpower resources committed by the winning bidder to each phase of work.  Bids must include all scope for all phases of work, even if work spans multiple years, including any mobilization, demobilization, and escalation costs.

    PUBLIC ENTITY CRIMES: As required by University of Central Florida Regulation 7.102.22, a consultant/contractor may not submit a proposal for this project if it is on the convicted vendor list for a public entity crime committed within the past 36 months. The selected consultant/contractor must warrant that it will neither utilize the services of, nor contract with, any supplier, subcontractor, or consultant in excess of $15,000.00 in connection with this project for a period of 36 months from the date of their being placed on the convicted vendor list.

    BADGING AND IDENTIFICATION:  Criminal background checks and E-verification will be provided or all employees and sub-contractors.  Picture ID cards will be worn at all times workers are on the job.

    CONTRACT: Contract award will be made subject to the availability of funds.

    By submitting a bid on this project, Bidder agrees to all terms of the Agreement, posted at

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