Policy and Purpose, Application of Part I, Exemptions, Conditions for Issuance of Permits in the Western Canal 9 Basin, Application of Part II, Content of Application, Application of Part III, Content of Application, Conditions for Issuance of ...  



    South Florida Water Management District


    40E-41.011Policy and Purpose

    40E-41.043Application of Part I


    40E-41.063Conditions for Issuance of Permits in the Western Canal 9 Basin

    40E-41.143Application of Part II

    40E-41.160Content of Application

    40E-41.243Application of Part III

    40E-41.260Content of Application

    40E-41.263Conditions for Issuance of Permits in the C-51 Basin

    40E-41.333 Implementation

    40E-41.343Application of Part IV

    40E-41.363Conditions for Issuance of Permits in the Water Preserve Area, Water Preserve Area Basin, or Adjacent to the Protective Levees


    Notice is hereby given that the following correction has been made to the proposed rule in Vol. 39, No. 117, June 17, 2013 issue of the Florida Administrative Register.

    The following language is to be placed immediately below the rule text and above the history notes for each of the rules listed in this notice.

    PROPOSED EFFECTIVE DATE: This rule will become effective on August 1, 2013, or upon the date that amendments to Chapter 62-330, F.A.C., proposed by the Department of Environmental Protection to implement the statutory mandate in Section 373.4131, F.S. (2012) take effect, whichever is later.